Social Distancing Dispute Leads to Armed Response by New Rochelle Police at Downtown Luxury High Rise

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Police responded in force, with members of the Critical Incident Response Unit in full tactical gears and rifles, after a reported of menacing with a handgun.

At 1:34 p.m. NRPD Officers responded to the area of Huguenot Street in regard to a menacing with a handgun, the victim was following the suspect who was currently in a black Mercedes . The driver of the Mercedes subsequently left his vehicle with valet parking at 360 Huguenot Street and entered the Building.

The vehicle registration came back to a resident of 360 Huguenot Street. Officers responded to the residence with guns drawn.

The resident came out of the apartment voluntarily and admitted to having an argument with someone over social distancing. He further stated he never had a gun and voluntarily allowed officers to search him and his apartment, no gun was found.

The complainant left the area prior to the Resident being interviewed.

9 thoughts on “Social Distancing Dispute Leads to Armed Response by New Rochelle Police at Downtown Luxury High Rise”

  1. Great Commentary from the residents of New Rochelle! Was held at gunpoint by police officers 5 years ago! Someone called 911 and reported that yours truly shot a gun in the air! At 7am. Thankfully military service has taught us to not to escalate a situation with police!

  2. We ? Referring to who? Who exactly is we? Do you hear your self ? What you sound like? Don’t you all have covid 19 in New Rochelle. Aren’t you NYS ground zero. Trust me, no one and I mean , not even the sewer rats want to be there right now.

  3. There is no overtime here CRU is staffed 24/7. When you have someone with reports of a handgun you need CRU in New Rochelle they are pretty much SWAT. They have had Tac gear for all there SWAT trained officers. They had reports of a guy with a gun and you’re worried about tax dollars? I can tell you you are paying the same amount whether this call happened or not.

  4. I suspect a “Karen” called the police and escalated the situation. I don’t blame the police for being careful, I blame the person that lied about the situation and forced this sort of response.

  5. We shouldn’t have to pay taxes for the police to respond with 30 officers in tactical gear. Who is paying the cost of “tactical gear”, overtime, and all the other expenses associated with this type of response. A man in a social distancing dispute is in his home and the so called “victim” is gone. Did anyone catch COVID? RIDICULOUS WASTE OF TAX DOLLARS!

  6. Because Cappelli doesn’t care. He’s inundating New Rochelle with all these high-rise buildings. Soon it’s going to be like navigating the streets of New York City (well, before it was destroyed).

  7. This is the same building that a man was slashed in his face. We are attracting such upstanding citizens with these new buildings. We live in a slum.

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