Citing Internet Bandwidth Limits, New Rochelle Pushes Back School Re-Entry Plan

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle School Superintendent Dr. Laura Feijóo notified teachers and parents that the the “hybrid re-entry plan” has been pushed back further due to Internet bandwidth limits.

“The District’s internet provider informed us that they are currently unable to provide us with the bandwidth needed to support the significantly enhanced virtual instructional opportunity that we have planned for our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Laura Feijóo in a statement to the New Rochelle School community. “This means that the vast majority of our teaching staff will instruct students from their homes or other remote locations rather than from our schools.”

Teachers will report to schools on September 8 and may also report to the schools September 9 through 11 for school activities, said Feijóo.

Students in Pre-K, Grades 1,2,3,6, and some Special Education students will return part-time on October 19th.

Grades 4,5,8 will return part-time on October 26th.

Grade 7 will return on November 2nd.

New Rochelle High School will return on November 9th.

“The need for expanded broadband requires us to change the re-entry timeline we shared with you in August. The new re-entry guidelines that we have established are as follows.”

4 thoughts on “Citing Internet Bandwidth Limits, New Rochelle Pushes Back School Re-Entry Plan”

  1. Elementary school suggestions..e district should have considered portable classroom..the yards are large enough to accommodate a few…block off a street adjacent to the school and use for portable…many portables are fully self contained…bring each grade in on one day a week..use all available space for classes. Lunchroom, aud, gyms…that means the same classroom used on different days for different grades…and must be cleaned every day..return the students to the teacher they had in March, the students are in a familiar environment..most teachers can handle teaching the next grade than the one they had in March..offer classes until 5pm…offer classes on Sat 9 to 4, Sun 10 to 3..

  2. A aNrticle like this really requires a date at the beginning of when it was posted. Things change fast. Would you please put date posted at the beginning of each article? Thank you.

    1. All articles on Talk of the Sound are published with a date. It appears at the bottom of each article.

      In this case, 9/2/20

  3. The names change but the clown show keeps on going at the New Rochelle BOE. Has anyone heard of another nearby school district making this type of announcement? The rest are going hybrid next week or plan on full 5 day a week instruction at the school. What were Feijoo and the BOE doing all summer that was more of a priority than making sure the schools upgraded their bandwidth for a hybrid learning platform in September? How many times has the BOE leadership failed us in just the last four years?

    From earlier today-“The Byram Hills School District in Armonk welcomed K-6 students back to school five days a week on Tuesday.
    Next week, the Bronxville, Briarcliff Manor, Pocantico Hills, Somers and Putnam Valley districts will begin daily in-person instruction for at least half of their grade levels”.

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