Toll Collectors Now Fully Replaced by Machines as Thruway Authority Completes Conversion To Cashless Tolling

Written By: Robert Cox

ALBANY, NY — The New York State Thruway successfully converted to an entirely cashless tolling system overnight, at 1 a.m. Saturday.

In the coming months, drivers will continue to travel through existing toll lanes at reduced speeds without stopping until the toll booths are removed and road reconfigurations are complete.

Drivers are strongly urged to slow down and use caution around the toll plazas during this time, as it will be an active construction zone.

Vehicles no longer have to stop to pay the toll. Instead, motorists will now drive under steel gantries with sensors and cameras that read E-ZPass tags and capture license plate images.

In 2021, after all the toll plazas are removed, drivers will have a completely unobstructed ride on the 570-mile system.

“This is a historic moment for transportation in New York State,” said Thruway Authority Executive Director Matthew J. Driscoll.

“I want to thank all toll collectors, both past and present, who have served as the backbone of the Thruway Authority since the first tolls were collected in 1954,” he added. “Their hard work and dedication serving customers has made the Thruway what it is today.”

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