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More Lies from New Rochelle Official on Alec McKenna Killing Kamal Flowers

Written By: Robert Cox

This is an update on Open Letter to New Rochelle City Council on Lying by City Officials on Alec McKenna Disciplinary Records

Sent to New Rochelle Communications Director Kathy Gilwit:

I am told that the African-American Advisory Committee has been told that the City will release the McKenna records next week.

In other words, I have a lawful FOIL request outstanding for 8 months where I have been lied to and stonewalled at every turn and instead of telling me the records will be released next week you tell an ad hoc committee that did not even exist when I made my FOIL request that the records will be released next week.

AND you tell THEM the “reason” you will release the records is the NRPD investigation into McKenna will conclude next week (a lie) but you do not tell ME this despite you all having trotted out this baloney excuse four DAYS ago after seven MONTHS claiming the “reason” you refused to produce the records was solely due to a lawsuit in NYC that ended 2 weeks ago.

AND from 6/12/20 to 7/16/20 the City Manager claims you all were willing and ready to give the records but were suddenly prohibited from doing so because of the NYC lawsuit (a lie) but for a week between 7/9/20 and 7/16/20 you both had the records assembled AND there was no lawsuit.

AND from 6/12/20 to 7/16/20 there were FOUR ongoing investigations (DA, NYS Police, County PD… wait for it… NRPD) during which you all NEVER said the active investigations prevented release of the records, actually the opposite, that you had the records and were turning them over.

It is truly sick-making. You people have zero credibility on the McKenna shooting and killing of Kamal Flowers. Lie upon lie upon lie upon lie from the Mayor, Police Commissioner, Corporation Counsel and Communications Director. Just shameful behavior by public officials.

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  1. What is new rochelle doing to stop the black crime epidemic now taking hold in New York?

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