Police Marine Units Rescue Three off New Rochelle after Sailboat Collision with Reef

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Four people are safe after a 27-foot Hunter sailboat struck a rock on a reef off Davenport Neck.

The boat was damaged and began taking on water. It was partially submerged by the time police rescue teams arrived on scene.

The captain of the sailboat was able to guide the boat toward Davenport Beach Club. At about 100 yards offshore the boat began to capsize. The captain of the boat swam to the shore to call the police while the three remaining passengers sat on a portion of the boat which was mostly submerged.

At about 6:44 p.m., New Rochelle Police Officers responded in Marine I to the Long Island Sound, Davenport Reef.

At 6:54 pm, the Westchester County Police Marine Unit was called to the scene

When Police Marine Units arrived on scene the sailboat was partly submerged and three people, wearing life vests, were in the water.

New Rochelle Police Officers were able to orchestrate the rescue of the three remaining passengers. All three were taken aboard the Westchester County Police boat with assistance from the Westchester County Police Aviation Unit and harbor patrol units from the City of New Rochelle and the Village of Mamaroneck and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The three people rescued at the scene, all New Rochelle residents, were transported back to Harbor Unit Base and refused medical attention. A fourth person who was on the sailboat swam to shore.

No injuries were reported.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article. This is a serious reminder that things can go wrong super fast at sea and all mariners should be prepared as best possible for emergencies. I’m assuming they hit Middle Ground which is not particularly well marked by bouyage but is on the chart. Please check your safety gear and have a plan if (when) something goes wrong.

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