GETTING RESULTS: New Rochelle PBA President Christopher Greco Out Next Week at NRPD and NRPBA

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Police Detective Christopher Greco has submitted his resignation from the New Rochelle Police Department, according to the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, which oversees the New York State Police & Fire Retirement System.

Christopher Greco filed for retirement on July 26, 2021, less than 3 weeks after we filed an ethics complaint involving Greco.

Although in his resignation letter Greco states his retirement is effective August 4, 2021, OSC says his retirement date is August 10, 2021.

Police officers must file their Application for Service Retirement with the Office of the State Comptroller 15 – 90 days before their retirement date. The earliest he could retire after filing on July 26 would be 15 days later or August 10.

He is a Tier 2 New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System member.

If Greco files for disability he would follow a state process. After receiving the application, the pension system will send Greco an acknowledgement letter, notify the City of New Rochelle and request payroll status information and a copy of his current/former job duties. Once the application is accepted the medical review process begins which will include contacting the City of New Rochelle to request additional information, such as medical records and accident reports.

Greco may withdraw or amend his application any time prior to his date of retirement.

Greco submitted his resignation last week as President of the New Rochelle Police Benevolent Association, sources say.

Greco’s departure from the police department and leadership of the PBA comes on the heels of an ethics complaint filed by Talk of the Sound about an alleged conflict of interest involving Greco and New Rochelle Human Resources Director Christine Dodge.

Dodge is alleged to have signed the New Rochelle PBA Memorandum of Agreement and was otherwise involved in its adoption by the New Rochelle City Council on September 17, 2019, during a time in which she was romantically involved with Greco, the sole counter-party to the New Rochelle PBA Contract.

Greco made headlines weeks earlier after vitriolic attacks on Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Roach and “the media”, widely understood to be a reference to this reporter, involving criminal charges filed against New Rochelle Police Detective Michael Vaccaro.

“Mimi Rocah is a threat to Westchester County residents and to police officers and to their families,” said Greco after Vaccaro’s arraignment in June. “Mimi Rocah is simply bad for Westchester. Handcuffing good cops and weak on real crime — you are now less safe with her in office.”

Greco accused Rocah of “hunting cops”, prompting an unusual response from the DA.

“There is no place for the type of inflammatory and irresponsible language used, which crosses a dangerous line,” said Rocah.

A full account can be found in our Michael Vaccaro — Malik Fogg Archive.

Greco accused former New Rochelle Police Commissioner Joe Schaller of referring the Vaccaro case to the DA for political reasons.

Vaccaro, who is White, was suspended 30 days and referred to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office after punching Malik Fogg, who is Black, in the face while off-duty. The incident occurred 8 months after the officer-involved shooting of Kamal Flowers, a 24-year-old black man, who was killed by NRPD officer Alec McKenna.

Vaccaro has one of the worst disciplinary records in the history of the New Rochelle Police Department. He has been the subject of 17 Internal Affairs Investigations resulting in 9 Letters of Reprimand, the Loss of 15 Leave Days, a 10-Day Suspension, as well as an order to undergo Retraining based on a Civilian Complaint in 2020.

Vaccaro, aged 37, of New Rochelle, appeared before Judge Jared R. Rice on July where he was formally charged with two counts of Attempted Assault in the 3rd Degree, both misdemeanors in connection, with a road rage incident on February 15. Vaccaro is due back in New Rochelle City Court on September 10.

The departure of Greco and promotion of Neil Reynolds to Captain appears to signal the end of what proved to be the Civil War Raging at New Rochelle Police Department

Greco is currently the focus of our multi-part series: Nightmare on the Isle of Sans Souci Series.


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  1. Retirement or resignation is based on the last day actually worked. Retirement is based on reaching a certain age.

    In Greco’s case, it is a distinction without a difference.

    I wonder if you even know what “yellow journalism” means as you use it incorrectly here from the sounds of it.

    Yellow refers to The Yellow Kid, a comic character and references tabloid journalism about 100+ years ago.

    The letter to NRPD was provided AFTER the story (and thus the headline) was published.

    You can believe what you want about why Greco quit NRPD.

  2. Although “sources say ” that Greco had submitted his resignation from the NRPBA, it would appear ( as per your reproduction of his letter requesting to retire from NRPD), that he has done just that, requested to retire from the police department.

    I ain’t no English teacher or yellow journalism expert, but I believe that there is a difference, albeit subtle, between retiring and resigning from a position.

    Your headline infers that due to your incessent reporting on this individual, that he chose to ” resign” do to the exposure of some nefarious activities. Perhaps he just wished to retire, as NYS police officers and firefighters my do after 20 years of service.

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