Community Police Partnership Board Meeting Raw Notes October 13, 2021

Written By: Robert Cox

What follows are raw, unedited notes from the first CPPB Meeting. Given my low opinion of the entire endeavor I cannot be bothered with writing an article. I did offer suggestions to the co-chairs on how to improve how they operate meetings — mostly to follow New York State Open Meeting Law whether required to or not.

Committee Outreach

Campbell (woman speaking is whispering)

set up listening tours

survey – instead of emails give zip codes

email requirement is no longer required

Bracey Apartments – Angela

City Park


Heritage Homes – Kwamaine

Training & Use of Force Committee

Eddie Hayes

Use of Force Policy, 2 years old, on website


Dr Marks – 11/5 – Implicit Bias Training

Body Worn Camera Training

Listening Tour

Bilateral Conversations — education of what we do and why

Police Conduct

Notices of Claim -19

(many were never filed)





Civilian Complaints

2 filed out of 19

maybe a third

what to do when you are stopped by police

goal-safe, comfortable – everyone walks away

CCRB viability

Potential danger?


citizen academy- set dates


all members must complete

Police Reform Plan


Came out of police review committee

3/16/21 – adopted by city council

150 cameras in house

axon dash cams not available by end of year

Person hired to compile enforcement data

Monthly arrest summary

Online complaint form

Retaliation policy

Compliments – 14

Complaint – 9

IA office moved to Beaufort

Mental health calls/County shared service

8-10 live, rest on phone

Translate MOP into Spanish (in 1-2 weeks)

Social Media presence increased

New organizational structure over the summer

Add 5 officers in 2022 budget to patrol Bracey and Heritage Homes

Listening Tour 10/27 Mascaro NRBGC

Personnel records – digitize

FOIL – redactions

Military grade equipment – notify cancel

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