AMZA: Ask Me & Zeke Anything – May 2022

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (May 9, 2022) —”AMA” is an acronym that stands for “ask me anything”, a type of informal interview in which I open the floor to allow paid subscribers to ask me whatever they want to know.

You can read it for free.

On Words in Edgewise, the plan is to use the AMA format a bit differently — AMZA is a monthly post where paid subscribers can post comments with questions but where Zeke and I will not only answer those questions but copy/paste comments I receive elsewhere (texts, emails, social media) then answer those questions here.

Read our first AMZA here.

This is the sort of special content we mentioned here: Paid Subscriptions for Words in Edgewise Now Available – $7 bucks!