FBI Most Wanted Targets Indian Households in Westchester

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW YORK, NY — Dagoberto Ramirez-Soto, a known member of the Latin Kings, is wanted for his alleged involvement in a string of burglaries targeting Asian business owners in Westchester County, New York, and Fort Lee, New Jersey. He is also wanted for allegedly making false statements to the FBI.

On January 25, 2022, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Ramirez-Soto in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, White Plains, New York, after he was charged with False Statements; Identity Theft; Obstruction; and Conspiracy to Commit Obstruction.

Ramirez-Soto of San Juan, Puerto Rico is a Male/White (Hispanic). He is Bald with Brown eyes. He is 5′ 9″, weighs 165 to 205 pounds with a Medium build.

Ramirez-Soto has tattoos on his left arm, breast, and back. He has scars on his left knee, neck, and right shoulder.

Ramirez-Soto has ties to Connecticut, New York, California and Puerto Rico. He uses multiple aliases and dates of birth.

He uses aliases including Jacob Guzman, Felix Rafael Ortiz Correa, Andress Sader, Dagoberto Soto, Dagoberto L. Soto, Dagoberto R. Soto, Dagoberto Soto-Ramirez, Felix Correa, Felix Rafael Correa Ortiz, Freddy Santa, Klever Jr Loja, Loaja Klever, Louis A. Lopez, Luis A. Lopez, Luis Melcar, Luis Melgar, Walter Monets, “Pito”, “Pitos”.

He uses various dates of birth including September 10, 1983, October 9, 1983, September 23, 1983, September 19, 1982, September 10, 1982, July 24, 1977, June 24, 1977, July 4, 1976, July 4, 1975, November 22, 1973.


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