Anonymous Letter Alleges New Rochelle Councilman Sexually Assaulted 3 Women

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (May 3, 2024) — Talk of the Sound has obtained a copy of an anonymous letter sent to three City Council members and two City employees, all women, last March.

The letter is the subject of an active police investigation, according to city officials.

The author alleges three women, including herself, were victims of sexual assault by New Rochelle Council member Shane Osinloye.

Osinloye has not responded to repeated emails seeking comment, including today.

The letter was addressed to “the women it should concern” and was mailed to Mayor Yadira Ramos-Herbert, City Manager Kathleen Gill, Councilperson Martha Lopez, Councilperson Sara Kaye, and City Clerk Michelle Oliveros.

The letter was intended as a warning to the five women who sat with Osinloye during City Council meetings. Gill resigned as City Manager on April 9, 2024.

“I am writing this letter to warn you about the abusive person you are interacting with. Shane Osinloye sexually assaulted me against my will and did the same to at least two other young women I know. One of them was under eighteen at the time.”

The author says she wrote anonymously out of fear for her safety.

“He is a violent predator with a terrible temper and highly vindictive. Even writing this is putting me in danger but I want other women to be aware of who they are dealing with.”

The author questions how Osinloye could become a city official.

“Does the city of New Rochelle and the democratic party not do any vetting of their candidates?”

“Please be careful,” the letter closes. “I do not want other women to be subject to the abuse that l was.”

The allegations against Osinloye were known among New Rochelle Democratic Committee members for about a year, from before the Democratic primary and through the general election.

Talk of the Sound was first made aware of allegations by three women a year ago. As there were no complaints filed with police and the women declined to be interviewed, we could not publish a story at the time.


New Rochelle Police Investigating Grave Criminal Allegations Against Council Member, City Says