Separate But Equal?

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Is there one or are there two New Rochelle School Districts? One of the haves and one of the have nots? Are North End Schools and South End Schools really the same? The City School District of New Rochelle would lead you to believe that the “quality” is the same. How many North End parents seek transfers for their children to Columbus, Jefferson, Trinity and Isaac? How many South End parents seek transfers to attend Davis, Ward, Webster and Albert? How do South End NYS Assessment in English Language Arts and Math scores compare to North End ones? How do fields and playgrounds compare? How do schools compare in economic, ethnic and cultural composition? What percentage of middle class families in the South End use the public schools as compared to the families in the North End? How do building climates compare from North to South?

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  1. Do the board members of the
    Do the board members of the NR schools have vested interests in the South end? In other words, do they own property on the south end of NR? It would behoove local taxpayers (board members or not) to become involved in the local schools like Trinity, Jefferson, and Isaac Young.

    I met someone who lives on Church near Davenport and pays $30,000 in yearly taxes!! Really? Is this possible?

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    Monday, June 30, 2008 – 11:57 PM
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  2. ‘m a parent of a soon-to-be
    ‘m a parent of a soon-to-be 5th grade CILA student. I propose that an item on all parents’ agenda is active participation in the selection and interviewing of incoming teachers. Have you or anyone you know ever been on an interview committee?

    It’s empowering to become involved on this level. I served as a colleague and it was rewarding to be able to screen the professionals entering my workplace.

    Parents have an opportunity to contribute and shape the priorities of the school. It’s an opportunity to be involved in a democratic process- or to make a democratic process as some schools may need.

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    Monday, June 30, 2008 – 11:51 PM

  3. CILA 1 (soon to be CILA 2)
    CILA 1 (soon to be CILA 2) parent

    I think this website will definitely create a venue for parents to discuss open issues and even try to find possible solutions. It will also help us create an organized parent group that can deal with these issues at a higher level (ie., in conversations with school principals and other administrators and even reps from the Board of Ed). Personally, I think that although not all schools are “created or managed equally” (public, parochial or private), our children deserve to have a voice and we, the parents, are that voice.

    I am one of the exceptions to the rule that North end is better than South End schools. Having had a choice to register our daughter in a North End school, we took the road less travelled and went with a South End school. So far, we have had a wonderful experience but that is not to say that improvements cannot and should not be made. We need more extracurricular activities, more reading time and more direct parent/teacher communication. Our children thrive only when we get together as parents and teachers and create the proper environment for their education.

    To start changing certain idiosyncracies at Trinity Elem., I propose that:
    1. We organize a CILA parent group across different grades to help identify issues and possible solutions in our CILA classrooms/curriculums. I do not think that we have ever gotten together to discuss parent involvement.
    Can I get some parent feedback on this? Is this feasible?

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    Wednesday, June 18, 2008 – 11:14 AM

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