Equity For All Students?

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According to the most recent available data (2005-2006) from the New York State Report Cards, Limited English Proficient Students made up 7.6% of the total of all three North End Elementary Schools in New Rochelle (Davis, Ward and Webster). In contrast, Limited English Proficient Students made up 31.3% of the South End Elementary Schools (Trinity, Jefferson and Columbus). Unfortunately, the New York State Education Department has not released more current data. It is important to note that the City School District does not allow Parent Choice between South End and North End Schools. Therefore, South End children are not allowed to attend North End schools. Is this equitable or just another form of segregation? Does the School District make it more difficult for South End children to succeed?

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  1. School Budget – Limited
    School Budget – Limited English Proficient Students –
    How does the building budget work regarding programs? If there is a Trinity school budget, and of that, monies are earmarked for Limited English Proficiency programs, does that take away from other budgets within the school? Such as gym, lunch, etc.? What is the budget for the south end schools as compared to the north end schools on a school by school basis? and then on a student by student basis?

    1. These are all important
      These are all important questions that all taxpayers and stakeholders should be asking our district. The answers lie within the City School District Central Administration.

      This old data. The point of this post is that South End Schools have disproportionate numbers of ESL Students. Geographic location of residence is not the only reason for this.

  2. The only thing we as
    The only thing we as citizens have in common is the English language, most of these students parent spaek Spanish and make no effort to change it and expect the school’s too. There has to be more responsibilty on the parents’ part

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