Are Some Minority Students at New Rochelle High School Tracked?

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Last week, I was speaking to a former student from New Rochelle High School. He happens to be a Latino student from the West End of New Rochelle. He is now 23 years old. I asked him about his experience at New Rochelle High School. He commented about the low expectations some of the staff at New Rochelle High School had for him. Also, when it came to applying for college, how he was steered towards a community college. He further commented how an overwhelming majority of Latino friends were also are steered towards 2 year community colleges instead of four year institutions. We ask the following: Is this a pattern? What are the New Rochelle High School graduation rates of Latino and African-American Students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch? Are some minority students discouraged from going to college? Of those minority students who graduate and chose to go to college, are they advised to apply to less competitive institutions of higher learning?

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  1. In addition to your
    In addition to your questions, we also need to obtain more information on this individual (and his peers), which will allow us to better evaluate the situation. Some questions I would ask include: academic performance, economic situation, and ambition. These are just some of the questions that will help us better understand if he had the grades, willingness to pay/borrow for his education and if had the motivation to pursue his dreams. These factors, in my opinion, also play a key role in the decision making process.

    A few check marks to the questions above would allow us see if there is indeed a trend.

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