Behind the Scenes

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While I am actively working as an advocate for my neighbors, many times I work behind the scenes to benefit our community. I recently met with representatives of the New York State Department of Transportation to expedite the reopening of the Division Street entrance to the train station, as part of my continuing effort to ease traffic congestion in the vicinity of the train station. I also communicated with residents near the McDonalds on North Avenue to quash an effort by the owner to convert that location to a 24 hour drive-thru. I have worked with many residents to arrange for street repairs, street light repairs, and the improvement of a host of municipal services. Working behind the scenes for residents of District 5 is as important as public advocacy for the needs of our residents.

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  1. Pave the roads like Fith
    Pave the roads like Fith Ave. It’s like driving in a third world country.

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