Greetings from Marianne Sussman

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Dear Residents of District 6:

Thank you for re-electing me last year to serve as your representative on City Council by a vote of 65%. I appreciate the opportunity to continue to participate in the important decisions which are shaping the present and future of New Rochelle.

The rest of this newsletter relates to downtown, waterfront and citywide news, but here I take pleasure in addressing matters of special interest and concern to the residents of our Council District, the issues upon which I focus a large part of my day-to-day work. They range from emergency services to traffic safety to park development and protection, to new developments in our area and, above all, the protection of the beauty and quality of life of our neighborhoods.

Please let me know your thought on these, or any other, city issues by contacting me at MarianneSussman or at 740-7385.


Marianne Sussman
City Council Member
District 6