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  1. school board
    How many of the school board members have kids in school? If they dont, they shouldn’t be on the school board. The older ones only represent the interest of the real estate folks. There should be term limits. 25 years on teh school board doesn’t make a better representative. It just makes you a nuissance.

  2. our schools
    I have worked in NRHS as a security supervisor for several years after I retired. I have been assigned to Isac Young and Trinity over the years. I have several family members and friends who work in several schools as teachers and aides. The stabbing yesterday is an example that the school hides the truth. The principal sent out a telephone message to the families that it was altercation. It was a stabbing and two kids are hurt and they will pay a price. There was a police arrest at Isac and it was not handled well by the police. You don’t arrest a middle school kid at the end of the day when all of the kids are leaving to go home. Fair to assume that the kids and parents were upset. Several of us who are in security care about the kids, but we cant be friendly or open to them. The bathrooms at Iasc have no doors and the kids have no privacy. We treat the kids at Iasc like cattle. There was a noose incident that has not been resolved. the guy who put the noose up still works for the district. Now we ahve another racistguy at Jefferson who is still working there. what about a co-worker who nobody liked because he was a racist pig and didn’t like black kids. so he chokes him and then they promote this guy tothe high school. I cant stand working with this guy, but we cant share our opinions or we get fired. remember we work for a former cop who is vindictive. at the hs, the kids are herder like cattle. I am italian married to a hispanic. and I resent that the rich kids of the north end get better classes, better teachers are all in PAVE and when their parents speak up, the principal listens. I saw several hispanic parenst waiting to see Conetta yesterday, and they got shafted. I heard Conetta tell one of the teachers that theese parents had no appointments and he couldn’t see them. We in security need help from parents and ifthe school refuses to encourage parents in helping us, then we should all quit

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