New Rochelle Cracks Down on College Students

Written By: Robert Cox

Aman Ali of The Journal News is reporting:

The city is stepping up enforcement of its housing codes in light of rising complaints about housing with overcrowded tenants.

“This is happening a lot with college students where you have multiple people living in one unit,” Councilman Richard St. Paul said. “Or you’ll have houses renting out basements illegally to another family. Then it becomes a safety and quality-of-life issue.”

Some New Rochelle residents are weighing in:

“The problem isn’t the college students, the problem is that City Hall is allowing absentee and local landlords/home owners to rent apartments out illegally to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!”

“…in my neighborhood its got nothing to do with Illegals and all to do with college kids who rent illegal apartments and bring nothing to the area but noise, beer bottles and lots of unwanted cars.”

“The good for nothing landlords who take advantage of these people and the millions of “Americans” that continue to hire them are the only ones to blame for these situations. Let’s put the blame where it really belongs…!”

“As usual this liberal rag of a newspaper wont get to the root of the problem. Its the thousands of illegal aliens crowding these 1 and 2 family houses. Its the 40 satellite dishes makign an eyesore. Just place the blame on college kids and not the real menaces, the illegal aliens.”

What do you think?