Isaac Young Noose Incident

Written By: Robert Cox

I came across this video on the web today and it got me wondering where things stand with this case. We sure aren’t going to hear anything about it from the school district. Last I heard there was a lawsuit. Anyone have details? Also, is it really true that the white supervisor was given just a three week suspension? That seems like an incredibly light “punishment” for such a heinous act.

Phil Carino, a white supervisor at Isaac E. Young Middle School, had hung nooses on a bulletin board, including one wrapped around the neck of a stuffed monkey. Many of the students’ parents say the school district should have told them what was going on. (2/27/08)

BTW, if you Google for this incident you will find virtually nothing about it mainly because the stories that were done on it ran in the Journal News and the Journal News apparently removes stories from the web after a few weeks. This strikes me as an interesting topic for another day – what sort of “paper of record” is it in a digital age that does not permit its archives to appear in Google or other search engines? Fortunately, the National Black Police Association web site has the story on their site.

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  1. noose incident
    The guy is still working. The union had the balls to represent this racist pig. Tells where unions stand these days.

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