Popular New Rochelle Teacher’s Car Smashed by Wrong Way Driver

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Students arriving at New Rochelle High School from the entrance near Argyll Street greeted by the site of a popular teacher’s car (the green SUV) having been smashed into a white subcompact car that had apparently driven the wrong way down Argyll. The street is a one-way street near the school.

car crash argyll.jpg

Police had yet to arrive on the scene. The teacher was already in the school at the time of the incident, unaware of what had happened until shown cell phone photos of his car by a student. The driver of the white car was also not present on the scene but might have a bit of explaining to do to NRPD since the car is pointed the wrong way on the street.

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    Your information is very welcome. Thanks.

    I don’t think your information makes the post “95% wrong” because I wrote “apparently” based on the evidence at hand in the photo and that is correct.

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  2. This story and picture are about 95% incorrect
    The correct part: There was an accident on Argyll.

    Everything else is WRONG.

    The white car was headed in the right direction on Argyll, the driver was heading to their job in a different school in the district. The white car and driver did nothing at all wrong.

    A third car, not pictured, was SPEEDING down Argyll during morning drop off away from the school. The driver was travelling very fast on a street with cars parked on both sides and pedestrians heading to school.

    The speeding car attempted to pass the white car and clipped the rear taillight of the white car and caused it to spin in a complete turn and end up facing in the reverse direction and smashed into the parked SUV pictured. The white car received terrible damage, thank god the driver walked away from the wreck.

    When the shocked driver of the white car got out the young man was fleeing the scene and a woman from the passenger side got out and told the police she was the driver. There are neighborhood witnesses who reported this to the NRPD.

    Great blog but CHECK YOUR FACTS or do not report.

    Incidently this street is a part of the Traffic Calming program and the city is redoing the intersections around the high school to reduce the speeding in the area.

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