It’s Like Preaching Morality in Your Underwear…

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In “Hat’s Off” to David Lacher, a Précis on My Appearance Before the New Rochelle School Board Last Night”, a New Rochelle Resident, Taxpayer, Parent and Stakeholder describes his experience at a recent Board of Education Meeting for the City School District of New Rochelle. Interesting, that another community member was witness to the Board’s behavior and was compelled to write the following in a post titled “Courtesy.”

Taking into account what is described in the above referenced posts, consider the following quote:

Now more than ever we must count on the coalition of parents, community, faculty, staff and students to make decisions that limit the harm to our children. Now is the opportunity to hear many voices come together with suggestions, support, advocacy and actions to sustain the incredibly successful school system in New Rochelle.

Please offer your suggestions and help inform our decisions. We all stand to benefit if we unite to preserve that which is important, namely the education of all children.

Guess who said it? (Click here for the answer)

Just another lie from an ethically challenged and morally bankrupt member of the City School District of New Rochelle Gaggle. A lie that preys on the good will of the hard working residents and families of New Rochelle.