Governor Patterson Says Schools Must Do More Without More

Written By: Robert Cox

In his first State of the State address, New York Governor David Patterson focused on New York public schools and singled out the failure of public schools to graduate minority students, an issue raised at the recent school board meeting.

Another way we can protect our children and build a brighter future is to ensure that every child in New York receives a good education.
This current crisis should teach us that the only way to restore our long-term economic competitiveness is to build the world’s best system of education.

We can do it, but we have a long way to go. Today, three in ten New Yorkers do not graduate from high school and don’t even have a chance to go to college. The numbers are even worse for children of color and children from low-income families.

We must do better. We must ensure that every child is prepared for college — and that every child can afford to go.

Innovative educational models have raised high school graduation rates and prepared our most disadvantaged children for college. This year, through public-private partnerships, we should work together to establish new early college high schools throughout New York. And we must expand the SAY YES program, which offers free college tuition to students who meet educational standards.

Yet we must do more than just prepare our children for college; we must help them afford it. When private lenders refuse to lend to our students because of tight credit markets, we must step in. That is why I propose we establish the New York State Higher Education Loan Program, which will provide more than $350 million in affordable loans to students in need.

I have always fought for more resources for our schools. The road to economic competitiveness and renewal runs right through our schools. However, during this downturn, we simply cannot spend more — so we must spend more effectively.

6 thoughts on “Governor Patterson Says Schools Must Do More Without More”

  1. But if the New Rochelle
    But if the New Rochelle schools are so bad idiot bob, then why would students from other towns want to come to our district? You’re an idiot bob.

    1. Why don’t you be a real man
      Why don’t you be a real man or woman and post your name. Secondly, the students that come from other places come from Yonkers and the Bronx. Smart A$$!

  2. Can a taxpayer see in the
    Can a taxpayer see in the school budget how the monies are allocated among the schools?

    1. You can try to FOIL it.
      You can try to FOIL it. Good luck trying to get the district to comply or even provide truthful information!

  3. Gov. Patterson is absolutely
    Gov. Patterson is absolutely correct, NY State simply cannot spend more – so we must spend more effectively.

    1. Eliminate all the students that New Rochelle Tax Payers are paying fore that DO NOT LIVE IN THE CITY OF NEW ROCHELLE. The Superintendents know about it, the School Board knows about it, the School Principles know about, the teachers know about it and so do many students. So, why are these Non-Resident students still allowed in our school system? I’ll tell you why, the higher our enrollment numbers are equals the amount of money New Rochelle gets from the NY State. But here’s the catch, the extra money isn’t even spent on the students. This is how the City School District “FRAUDS” the State. I would like NY State to audit the City School District and launch a student living investigation. I’d estimate at least 10% of students enrolled in the district do not live in New Rochelle, which means that 10% of tax payer money isn’t even being used buy New Rochelle resident students. So, who are the ones suffering? The New Rochelle Tax Payers, The New Rochelle Resident Students and NY STATE!!!

    2. City School District Employees(Not ALL, but a few) are using City School District purchased equipment and materials for their own personal use, building materials, cell phones, vehicles, entertainment expenses, etc. All these things add up. The School District knows about it and allows it. And it’s not just the low level employees. No, it goes all the way to the top. NY State should launch an investigation. The Tax Payers of New Rochelle would be shocked at what would be uncovered.

    3. Everyone knows that cuts are just around the corner in the school district, but as usual, they will not let anyone know until the axe comes down. Instead of cutting programs, which you know that is where they will start, the top tear should reduce their undeserving salaries. Now, we know this wouldn’t even be considered buy the greedy, money hungry superintendents and board members, but it’s a suggestion. They, as always, will disadvantage the students and never even consider what I suggest.

    4. Hold events! We have many talented students and educators in our school district. Why not hold fund raisers to help raise money for certain departments and programs. The elementary music program at Jefferson, I here is amazing. And Jefferson is the school that needs the money BAD! All the money of course gets funneled first to the High School, then the North End Schools and what ever change is left gets taused to Jefferson, Columbus, Trinity and I.Y.M.S. And all I have to say about that is, take a look and I rest my case!!!

    These are just a few things that will help but will fall on deaf ears within the City School District of New Rochelle. What are your thoughts?

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