Journal News Op-Ed: Book does not belong in classroom

Written By: Robert Cox

Arthur Praete of New Rochelle has an Op-Ed in the Journal News today criticizing the New Rochelle school district not for having censored the book “Girl, Interrupted” but for having selected for use in the first place.

Praete writes:

This overtaxed, concerned resident would be interested to know, not who deleted the pages, but the person or persons responsible for the selection of this trashy, quasi-obscene, third-rate novel for the students. They should be severely disciplined or terminated as unfit to serve in the school system.

Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak was singled out by Praete as “the laissez-faire, big spending superintendent of schools” and described the incident as an example of “the sagging moral standards in our nation”.

Read the entire Op-Ed here.