How to Get Started with Talk of the Sound

Written By: Deprecated User

Due to a flood of fake registrations by spammers, we have changed our policy so that in order to register for the site you must make a request to the Managing Editor, Robert Cox, in order to be granted an account to post or comment on Talk of the Sound.

The effect is that our posting and commenting policy is now changed so that only those who are positively identified by me and post comments or blog posts under their own name will be able to post to the site, effective immediately.

If you have been posting under a pseudonym and would like to change it to your full name or you have been using your full name and have not been upgraded to an account capable of posting to the site please contact me at and I will make the necessary changes.

If I do not know you and you wish to post to the site you will need to contact me directly and request permission to post to the site.

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