Cold Snap Turns New Rochelle into Winter Wonderland

Written By: Robert Cox

It’s been five years since it has remained cold enough long enough for local lakes to freeze solid but with recent overnight temperatures in the single digits the New Rochelle Parks Department has deemed City parks “safe for skating”. Residents anxious get out on the ice showed up this morning at Beechmont Lake armed with shovels to clear the 2 inches of snow which fell overnight. Have some pix of New Rochellians having winter fun? Send them along.






8 thoughts on “Cold Snap Turns New Rochelle into Winter Wonderland”

  1. Voice of New Ro
    Skating on

    Voice of New Ro

    Skating on the lakes is a great thing. To keep it going Parks and rec should ask the fire department to spray down the lake after it turns dark. This will add an extra layer of ice and will smooth out an overused (rightfully so) ice surface.

    Also, on reports of freezing weather the basketball court at Gaby lane and Pinebrook should be flooded so residents can skate there with no worries at all. Just like they used too back in the late 70’s. A whole generation of New Ro Hockey Team players learned how to skate at those locations. And Cappelli would not be able to shut them down!

    1. The Beechmont Lake was full
      The Beechmont Lake was full of New Rochelle residents of all ages embracing winter. Yes it was cold but it had an atmosphere of a “Winter Carnival.”
      When you see this kind of thing you are reminded that New Rochelle is a community of people with children living in homes and attending schools.
      Since the mayor lives up the street on Pinebrook Blvd
      we can only hope he had the opportunity to witness this. Since he single handedly has promoted anything Cappelli Enterprises wants at all cost to Citizens of New Rochelle one would hope he would get his skates and come out and join us.
      Then the 5o or so Hockey players and their parents can tell him again what they think of New Roc closing the rink for Retail that may never come.
      Best case he would push for a City owner Rink in its place rather then just blow hot air about it.

      1. I don’t know about Mayor
        I don’t know about Mayor Bramsom but his family was out there on the ice having fun.

      2. As a taxpayer, and speaking
        As a taxpayer, and speaking for every other taxpayer except for the 50 or so families out of 20,000 living in New Rochelle, the hockey rink is probably not gonna pass.

  2. Voice,
    I contacted the Parks


    I contacted the Parks Department and got a reply which I have posted here:

    They have discussed watering the ice but it is up to the NRFD and, obviously, it is not an emergency issue so while the Parks Department will ask and it is possible, it is not “likely” to happen.

  3. The skating occured just
    The skating occured just down the block from Mayor Bramson’s home on Pinebrook at Beachmont Lake….
    At times there were 50 or more residents enjoying on some very cold periods. To me this accents the need for the City of New Rochelle to have its own Skating rink within the City Limits on City Property.
    The City can lease it out to a private company if they don’t want to be in the business. The bottom line is this is good clean fun for the betterment of New Rochelle Residents.
    What a an idea doing something for residents rather than Lou Cappelli.. Hey mayor got skates?

    1. 50 people out of 100
      50 people out of 100 thousand residents! Come on, i’ve heard smarter things said in my life.

  4. too bad they won’t people
    too bad they won’t people skate anymore, it was fun for everyone out there at no cost at all, except the police presence which i didn’t think was warrented. and why can’t we skate anyway? Seems like its been cold enough that the ice should nice and thick.

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