Unhealthy, Inhuman Conditions Continue Unabated at Jefferson School

Written By: Deprecated User

The New Rochelle Board of Education, along with Superintendent Richard Organisciak, Assistant Superintendent Jeffrey Korostoff and Jefferson Elementary School Principle Cindy Slotkin have done nothing to remedy the ongoing issue with extremely unhealthy climate control within class rooms located in the basement section of the school.

It has been reported to the above mentioned, especially Principle Slotkin, as well as News12, who did a report about a year ago regarding this very same issue. But SURPRISE!!!, nothing was ever aired and the problem still exists.

Mrs. Slotkin continues to expose our children to this unhealthy environment rather than relocating the scheduled classes to another classroom.
I know of more than a few children that have become ill due to the extreme cold conditions. The class room temperature averages 10 degrees below the outside temperature.

Contractors have attempted to fix the issue without results, and they all have been paid in full.

  • Why are these contractors not being sent back to fix the issue they were paid in full to fix?
  • Why is the Board of Education allowing these contractors to just walk away after being paid in full to fix the issue?
  • Why are Assistant Superintendant Korostoff and Principle Slotkin still allowing classes to take place in such inhuman conditions?
  • Who’s responsible for the health and wellbeing of our children and why aren’t they doing anything to prevent our children from being exposed to these unhealthy conditions?
  • Lastly, why hasn’t News12 informed the public by running a follow-up story about this condition, especially when they have been notified by more than one concerned parent?

Just because they put up some sheet rock and slap some paint on the walls doesn’t make a basement fit to hold classes in.