Youth Soccer Challenge

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There is no better, we currently have the best ever trained 6 year old boy in the “WORLD” that will out perform any other his age, ANY !!!

His name is Hassan and currently holds a World Record !

Come on Tuesday 4:45 to 6:30 to see our coach Kamel’s six year old son “Hassan” rule the court . I never seen any better trained 6 year old kid . Currently, Hassan holds the “WORLD RECORD” 1200 X’s soccer ball juggling . Visit the site below to watch him in action as he plays against 13 years old children, they cant touch this kid !

Honor Roll World is committed to developing players of any age to perform to their greatest potential. We focus on fundamental skills starting as early as three years of age and work with the players as they grow older and begin developing specific individual needs.

We continually emphasize fundamentals using games that incorporate endurance and team awareness.

Honor Roll World strives to develop the most elite players who are interested in becoming college, semi-professional, and professional level players.

We will also be developing our own teams within the club which will compete at the premier Y level and higher. We believe that playing throughout the year is essential for being able to develop into top- level competitors.

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