Temporary Use of Armory Sought by Committee

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[this article originally appeared in the Feb. 3, 2009 Westchester Herald]

“Nothing will happen (to the New Rochelle Armory) without the State being the lead agency.” These words by Peter Parente at the Save Our Armory (SOA) meeting set the tone on January 26 at the American Legion, Post 8 in New Rochelle. Both Ron Tocci and Peter Parente, co-chairs of the SOA Committee, wanted to get the city to agree on uses for the Armory. Parente mentioned that there are federal grants and loans that could be used to develop a good business plan for the Echo Bay area.

Forest City Ratner’s financial problems according to Tocci have caused the company to cancel some of their pending projects. With this possible void, putting a new roof on the Armory might create “a plan that makes sense,” Tocci continued. Councilman Lou Trangucci questioned how to validate that Forest City Ratner is “close to bankruptcy.” He added the company is “still committed to the project.” A neighborhood needs not only a plan to save the building. but also funding. When asked about the stimulus program and funding for the city, Councilman Trangucci suggested that the $10 million project on storm water was a current priority of the city. Parente and Tocci were asked to go on WVOX to explain to the public where the SOA committee is today.

Jim Killoran, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity, promised to seek out volunteers to help the SOA committee. Robert Cox was asked to explain his Talk of the Sound blog website which attracts 3,000 readers per month. Cox felt pictures showing the Armory in the condition originally given to the city compared to its present condition could produce a national story. New York State gave this Armory to New Rochelle in 1997 to be used for public purposes. The City’s negligence in maintaining the building could embarass them.

Parente summed up, “Since it appears that the development plans are on hold for Echo Bay, the SOA committee should look into temporary uses for the building and hope that the City of New Rochelle is willing to work with us.”

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  1. What’s the status of the
    What’s the status of the McDonald’s next door to the Armory in terms of the Echo Bay redevelopement? I bet the planning on leaving the McDonalds and tearing down the Armory, what a shame! Maybe McDonalds could move into the Armory and we could tear down the McDonalds which is no architectual gem.

    The Armory with its anchors should be saved at all cost!

  2. Why wont the city let anyone
    Why wont the city let anyone try to utilize the Armory? It would seem that anyone’s interest should be entertained. What a sin to not even attempt to ressurect this icon. The haunted House was successful according to our own chamber of commerce. Idon’t think it was coincidence it was shut down as soon as a developer was announced. This City Council has made absolutely no effort and in fact, went out of their way to make sure nobody could benefit from a place that has so much to offer. As I said, it’s a sin and unless there has been numerous attempts at all kinds of options for this historical site nobody can ever truly say we gave it a go but it just didn’t work. Shame on this City, and shame on anyone who doesn’t speak out before the point of no return.

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