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i think me as a kid that you no if u take time out of a day or to or a week to come to all of the schools in New Rochelle New York. i go to Isaac E Yong Middle school and people should really go around and look at what we do for a day.and i think you should pull like one or two students side and ask want we think about how life is going on right now with Obama as our 2009 president. for the end of that my name is Rashad Brogdon i am in the 7th gradein house 1 thank you for your time

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    Im wondering why there are so many registered users on this site however I have tried to register as a member for MONTHS AND MONTHS yet I’m unable to join.

  2. Rashad, I am sorry for what
    Rashad, I am sorry for what I’m about to post.

    Seventh Grade Rashad Brogdon is one of many New Rochelle students that the New Rochelle School System is failing. I’m not talking grades, I’m talking about teaching. This poor kid, I feel saddened. Just look at his writing sample on his post. This just goes to show you the quality of learning that our children are receiving here in the South End of New Rochelle. If you take a 7th grader from Albert Leonard Middle School, you will see first hand the differences. It is no secret that the administration funnels the majority of funds to the North End Schools. A person would have to be blind not to see this. The South End Schools need the funding more than the North End Schools. Example: Ward School has 3 photo copy machines while Jefferson has one that’s always broken. Why are the kaleidoscope classes’ held at Davis rather then Jefferson. Wouldn’t you think that you would want to up the grades at the worst performing school in the district? The teachers, the principles, the New Rochelle Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools should be ashamed of themselves. And the blame doesn’t just stop there. The blame is also due to The Mayor, The City Manager and the City Council for letting this all happen as well. Not to long ago I posted that Jefferson School is allowing classes to be held in a now finished basement within the building. The problem here is that there is NO HEAT within this classroom. Principle Slotkin knows that there is no heat in this class but still exposes our children to the frigid temperatures within this classroom. The room is so cold that the outside temperature at a whopping 16 degrees is 10 degrees higher then the classroom temperature. But like I mentioned before, Jefferson is a South End School where no one cares about its students. I once wrote Mayor Bramson that if he thinks that the North End Schools and South End Schools are as equal as he says they are, why doesn’t he send his children to Jefferson and then Isaac? Needles to say, the Mayor NEVER responded. I’m sure his wife calls the shots anyway.
    So People, Please do feel bad for Rashad and the hundreds of other students that the New Rochelle School System is leaving behind and just doesn’t care about, just because they are, in their eyes, from the wrong side of town.

    1. well i understand where u
      well i understand where u are coming from and all but do not take this out on my and all because i am the frist student here

    2. There is no reason for a 7th
      There is no reason for a 7th grade student to write like that. I hope a teacher can give this student some extra help.

      1. srry
        well dont come at me like that plzz dont thank your remember im only 12 years old nd iu do know how 2 write it call slag word like lol wrd like dat so0o0o0o plzzz dont come at me like that

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