CrowdSourcing: What Do We Know About Scott Siegel

Written By: Robert Cox


Crowdsourcing is where we ask readers what they know about a story like this one about Scott Siegel, the New Rochelle resident who made the national news today after he was arrested last night by DEA agents and Eastchester Police. Siegal led law enforcement officers on a high speed chase through Eastchester, smashed up cars, stole one, and generally made a mess of things for himself and others.


So far we’ve learned he owned a tanning salon, went to prison a few years ago for dealing steroids, ecstasy and animal tranquilizers, and lived at 25 Nautilus Place. What else do we know?

UPDATE: A reader sends along this clip of Scott Siegel in his now infamous “life-imitating-art” scene with Mickey Rourke from The Wrestler (NSFW: Rourke drops an F-bomb at end of clip):

New York Daily News: Feds pin ‘Wrestler’ steroid dealer

Journal News: Movie’s fictional steroids dealer charged with distribution

UPDATE: A reader sends along this photo taken out front of 25 Nautilus Place in New Rochelle, down near Fort Slocum Road near the coast of Long Island Sound. Looks like Siegel’s SUV in happier times, before the high speed chase with DEA agents and Eastchester police.

25 Nautilus Place.jpg


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  1. To the anonymous commenter
    To the anonymous commenter who provided information about plea deals and tanning salons and mount vernon contractors, I am not willing to publish that comment. While I have no reason to doubt what you submitted, if I were to publish your comment I lose the immunity I have under federal law and I am not prepared to do that for an unknown, anonymous commenter. If you want to register, even under an assumed name, you can do that and then you can publish the information yourself.

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