Not Guilty! New Rochelle Man Acquitted on Kidnapping Charges

Written By: Robert Cox

From the Journal News:

A New Rochelle man was acquitted today of charges he tried to kidnap and imprison an 11-year-old girl at an Eastchester horse stable, but was found guilty of child-endangerment and trespassing charges.

McKean who lived just a few blocks from New Rochelle High School at the time of the incident will be sentenced on May 15th. He faces up to a year in prison.

Shortly after the incident at the River Ridge Stables on July 16th Mayor Noam Bramson attended a meeting in New Rochelle of McKean’s neighbors who were outraged that police had originally charged McKean with child-endangerment. After the July, meeting Bramson and other local officials lobbied the District Attorney’s office to up the original charges to child-endangerment to the more serious kidnapping charges.