Administrative Revolving Door Continues to Spin at Trinity Elementary School

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Jackie Herman, the Principal at Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle will not return to her position after a two year maternity leave. She has been the Principal at Trinity for four years, two of them have been spent on leave after the birth of her second set of twins. As of the latest information, Richard McMahon will not return as Interim Principal for a third year. It has come to our attention here at New Rochelle Community Pulse that a search will be opened a new principal. Although the City School District leadership at City Hall has known this information for quite some time, as of February 26th, 2009 the position of Principal for Trinity has not been posted nor advertised.

It is extremely important for the children and families at Trinity for the City School District Leadership to end this revolving door of School Leadership at Trinity Elementary School. As many may know, just four years ago, Trinity had a complete turnover in leadership. At that time Mr. Rolando Briceño became Assistant Principal. Prior to Mr. Briceño, there was another Assistant Principal who was only at Trinity for only two years. During their tenure, the current 5th graders at Trinity have seen three different Principals, three different Assistant Principals and two different Administrative Assistants. After so much change in leadership, anyone taking the reigns of the Principalship will surely find it to be a daunting task.

Stakeholders should stay tuned and watch this one closely.

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  1. why is McMahon leaving?
    why is McMahon leaving? “can’t have anything to do with perception of most parents and teaching staff. From what I have been told by representatives of both groups, this is a good man who was accessible and responsibile. There are some protected hacks in the system who occupy high paid positions that can’t hold a candle to McMahon. Yes there have been some incidents, but nothing particularly avoidable. Oh well, who said reason had much to do with everything in the District. We have administrators at several levels here who have participated in situations that make the sin of a rampant coyote seem neglgible. Oh well, there is the nonsense of a job posting process we can all enjoy while we wait for the inevitable to occur. I hope McMahon is leaving under his own initiative; if not, God speed — if you are the man many describe as the aforementioned comments have illustrated — some district will be fortunate to have you. warren gross

  2. Mr. McMahon should stay at
    Mr. McMahon should stay at Trinity. We were very lucky when he decided to stay last year, and now with Jackie Herman not coming back, who better to keep Trinity School running as well as it has been. It’s not too often you find someone like Mr. McMahon

    1. 100% Agree!
      You are right

      100% Agree!

      You are right ‘it’s not too often you find someone like Mr. McMahon’. Can we convince him to stay?

    1. Please post here if you see
      Please post here if you see this add running — provide either a link or a screen grab.

  3. Keep Mr. McMahon. He is the
    Keep Mr. McMahon. He is the best one for the job. He has proven himself over these last two years. The revolving door has made this school suffer.

  4. Keep Mr. McMahon,
    Keep Mr. McMahon, please.
    Mr. McMahon has been a terrific principal and has provided much needed leadership.
    I wonder if there is anything we (as parents) can say or do to encourage him to stay. We’ve been very fortunate to have had him for the past two years.

    1. Mr. McMahon is exactly what
      Mr. McMahon is exactly what Trinity (or any school needs). He is a great asset. Always available for parents — and the children adore him. He was my 3rd principal at Trinity — and is the best! He truly has a sincere dedication to the children and the families of Trinity School. We will surely miss him!

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