Liveblogging Confederation Meeting

Written By: Robert Cox

image47565878.jpgJoan Bristol is addressing the group on the history of the Confederation of Neighborhood Association. She will be stepping down; forming an ad hoc committee to reinvigorate the organization.
Biggest problem has been change of leadership. The current list is largely inaccurate. Apathy has been a major issue. Voters often do not vote in purely local elections. Just 3,000 voted in last school board election.

George Latimer spoke encouragingly about similar groups in Scarsdale and Mamaroneck. Assured group that politicians do listen.

Al Tarantino from District 2 came out of efforts at the neighborhood level organizations, dealing with beach club issues.

Richard St. Paul from District 4. City Council meeting on March 17 will be webcast live over the Internet. There will be a pilot program as a warm up on March 10. In response to a question he reviewed the stimulus wish list that was created by Chuck Strome, there was no discussion with city council, given 2 days, council members not happy. Agrees there was no public input. Total list is $93 mm. New York State is getting $24 billion. Wants to have list reprioritize the list.

Lou Trangucci recommends finding common ground on citywide issues.
Straighten out IDA issue on tax abatements where Council has no say in tax abatements. Target is buying space above Bally’s for $18mm contingent on Kohl’s signing a lease. No word on when that might be. City lost alot of tax revenue due to closing of Linens and Things and soon Home Expo.

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  1. Joan Bristol along with
    Joan Bristol along with Marie Rizzo did one hell of a job with the Confederation. I hope the next generation of neighborhood leaders are as successful! Good luck to a great organization!

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