New Rochelle IDA must make info public

Written By: Robert Cox

Talk of the Sound contributor Peggy Godfrey has a piece up on the lohud site:

The second annual report on industrial development agencies by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli promises greater “transparency and accountability to measure the value of IDAs.” The report states that New Rochelle had nearly $57 million in projects, and its rank in cost per job is the third-highest in the state at $26,077 per job created for an estimated 310 jobs. This cost per job is about six times higher than the state average of $4,527 and many more times the state median cost per job of $1,288.

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3 thoughts on “New Rochelle IDA must make info public”

  1. New Rochelle IDA Chaired by
    New Rochelle IDA Chaired by Marrianne Sussman, with Chuck Strome III seated on the Agency with 3 other weak individuals and David Lacher looking to perserve his legal dealings with the City of New Rochelle and protect his seat on the City School District. Boy that certainly seems like a good recipe for good practices. The New Rochelle IDA is an extension of Mayor Bramsons wishes while cronies further the same cause of Lou Cappelli. Anyone who was in attendence on the day of the meeting where they extended Joseph Apicella and Cappelli’s PILOT (Payment in lieu of taxes) know the IDA NEW Rochelle is a sham. They have existed in the cracks of the NY State Controllers office performing deals that made no sense for the City, or the residents of New Rochelle. If there ever was a place that Cuomo and DiNapoli could have a field day it is with the IDA New Rochelle ofcourse once they get done with YONKERS.
    Oh well business as usual lets five New Roc Associates another Century of Tax Relief with no retail in sight. Another reason to take Bramson to task as he appointed his City Manager and City Councilperson Sussman to do his work.

    1. Again and again the
      Again and again the taxpayers of New Rochelle must finance failed developers’ projects. Why hasn’t the IDA in New Rochelle stepped up to the plate and forced developers to pay back their tax benefits which were supposed to revitalize the city, especially in downtown.

      1. The State term for this is
        The State term for this is called CLAWBACK. Developers list the amount of jobs to be created. Figures prove that they rarely meet those touts.
        There have been little CLAWBacks ever taken back. In fact IDA guidelines have not been updated since Hevisi was the Comptroller in 2006. DiNapoli obviously has his hands full and frankly has done zip to fix the IDA loophole. IDA are to firstly bring jobs, Not for retail use ect. ect. The Comptroller is hiding up in Albany not comptrolling anything. Thus we can continue to fatten up developers at the expense of tax payers.

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