State of the City Address this Thursday (March 19th) at the Davenport Club

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On March 19th, Bramson will deliver his fourth State of the City Address. The speech itself begins at 7:45pm and is free. A dinner, sponsored by the “So Called Pathetic” Chamber of Commerce, precedes the speech at 6:00pm. The cost for dinner is an outrageous $30 per person. (You can come just for the speech, if you like.)

This is the perfect opportunity to express your opinions on what a disastrous job Bramson and the City Council are doing to the city as well as its hard working taxpayers. I hope you will attend. To make a reservation, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 914-632-5700. The details again:

State of the City Address
Thursday, March 19th
Dinner at 6:00pm
Speech at 8:00pm (Arrive by 7:45pm)

Davenport Club
400 Davenport Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10805

4 thoughts on “State of the City Address this Thursday (March 19th) at the Davenport Club”

  1. Ok see you in jail
    Ok see you in jail malcontent. Why dont you go to citizens to be heard wher you actually have the opportunity to speak your mind.

  2. I sure hope Bramson can shed
    I sure hope Bramson can shed some light on why my street hasn’t been paved in 30 to 40 years (I could actually see the old trolly tracks poking through the pavement before they paved a 4 or 5 block section last Summer). And its not just my street, its all the main arteries. And when a street does get paved (like the section of North, near Iona), its always a pleasure to see ConEd or United Water ripping it up for some non-essential project.

    My bet though is that there is no plan to deal with the crumbling infastructure other than to float a bond or 2 if the situation gets deplorable such as the situatition on Pinebrook 5 or 6 years ago.

    Yet the City thinks its doing a great job paving a hundred or so streets a year, only most of these streets are only a block long. The major arteries are a bumpy, patchwork of repairs and no plan in sight to fix the problem. The best section of pavement in front of my house is the United Water patch when I had to replace my water main.

    Since I’m a fan of smaller governerment and lower taxes, I for 1 would like to see the City form a paving crew with 30 to 40 existing employees doing the work. Thats right, we’ll find the man power right in our own midsts. I’m sure there are City employees that need something to keep them busy.

  3. this is not a question and
    this is not a question and answer thing so explain how soemone is going to be express their opinion. Come one get it right

    1. Just because it’s not a Q&A
      Just because it’s not a Q&A doesn’t mean you can’t speak your mind. You may be escorted to leave but that’s about it. Haven’t you ever witnessed a political function?

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