Growth in the Arts and business in SoNo

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South of North Avenue New Rochelle finds talent of so many, a famous Japanese Artist lives here, craftsman like Tim Riordan have a place with Judith Weber in the great Webster Ave lofts..Jim Malloy plays his jazz greats the First Friday of every month as a benefit for SoNo and for Habitat for Humanity of Westchester at 591 Main Street…Norman Rockwell prints abound.. a grammy winning award winner who helped Les Paul produce his record…a Green retrofit building at the old Bloomingdales..building exists on Main Street…it all happens in SoNO.

Two signed prints, worth 16,000 to 20,000 dollars were brought to a talk on Norman Rockwell recently, along with a donated signed print to be sold on Main Street…An artist who designs the True Mirror, resides here and Iona students shared their poetry here…

Last nite at the city council meeting…a proposal was about small businesses getting supported and getting help in a loan fund to help give them extra help…the seeking of bi partisan politics gets yelled while businesses need support…across this county small businesses are the heroes of our communities..heroes of helping heroes of Lions and is the time for small businesses to be supported..and in SoNO you have amazing small businesses…come to Main Street, where Lou Gehrig and the Yankees walked and Mariano Rivera has his Restaurant, and people love to  have fun….support your small businesses…amazing things will happen..!