Mom Brings Down Drug Ring at Albert Leonard Middle School

Written By: Robert Cox

4599C6EB-5C82-4DCF-8DE9-5A76E5C4BF8A.jpgReaders first notified Talk of the Sound that six middle students had been “busted” for marijuana possession and dealing. Now comes word from NRPD that the mother of one of the students involved turned in her own son and implicated two other students who later admitted bringing marijuana to the middle school.

Police were called to Albert Leonard Middle School by Principal Bill Evans on the morning of March 17th. Evans told police that a parent of a student at Albert Leonard Middle School came to school to school with a small bag of marijuana that she had confiscated from her son. The mother told Evans of two other students that might also be in possession of marijuana. Evans called the students into his office and both admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana which was turned over to Evans.

Talk of the Sound was informed over the weekend that the investigation had identified a total of six students — 4 from New Rochelle and 2 from Scarsdale.

In January, a parent at Isaac E. Young Middle School made a similar complaint to NRPD — that her daughter was in possession of marijuana that she obtained from another student at the middle school. In that case, police went to the school and arrested the student in the building. In the ALMS case, police interviewed the students but have so far made no arrests.

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  1. Having a daughter in Middle
    Having a daughter in Middle School in New Rochelle, I am extremely concern that no one had advise the parents that some students in ALMS were dealing with drugs. I am confident that the school will supend the students and an investigation will follow to find out how this twelve and thirteen year old kids have adquire the drugs.

    I truly commend the mother who brought the problem to the attention of the principal at the same time that I conden whoever made the decition no to report the problem to the rest of the parents.

  2. I would be very careful
    I would be very careful about spreading slander Mr Cox, or about making up stories which are completely false. It is against the law to do what you’re doing? I know you won’t post this as on your Nazi forum no one is allowed to speak against you. Reason being, every single peice of information you produce is a LIE!!

    1. Actually, the only thing
      Actually, the only thing that is actually defamatory on the site right now is YOUR comment here which falsely states that I am “spreading slander” and publishing “lies”. This is not a “Nazi forum”. You or anyone else is free to register at this site and your comments will appear without moderation. What you are confused about is that we do not allow anonymous comments to appear without moderation which is not remotely the same thing. If people choose to comment without registering then, as I have explained before, we will publish only those comments that we feel intelligently expand the discussion on a particular topic.

      You wrote “It is against the law to do what you’re doing?”

      Is that intended to be a statement or a question?

      In this case, I am not sure why you believe this story is false or even care one way or the other but I have a copy of the police report about the incident and have confirmed the story from multiple sources. If there are details missing or you feel that we have inaccurately reported something you are free to point that out in the comments section or via email. Of course, you won’t do that because you are a sniveling coward who makes absurd accusations in some pathetic attempt to suppress speech with which you disagree.

      Have a nice day.

    1. It is strange, right? But
      It is strange, right? But the cases are not identical.

      In the IEYMS case, the mother went to the police, reported that her daughter had marijuana, that another IEYMS student had sold it to her, the police responded by coming to Isaac and arresting the student who was sold marijuana to the girl.

      In the ALMS case, the mother went to the school, reported that her son had marijuana, that two other ALMS students also had marijuana which was confirmed by the school which contacted police who confiscated the marijuana. We do not yet know how the three students mentioned in the NRPD incident report obtained the marijuana but obviously SOMEONE sold it to them. We also know that three other students were implicated and that at least one of them is said to have sold marijuana. Also, that 2 of the students were from Scarsdale. It is possible that arrests were made in Scarsdale or that there were arrests made away from the school. I would request the police records but I do not know what to ask for.

      When my kids went to ALMS there was a student who was found to have been dealing drugs. This student was expelled for the remainder of the year but was later permitted to return to the New Rochelle public school systems and attended New Rochelle High School. During his time at NRHS, this student continued to deal drugs, becoming one of the biggest drug dealers in the public school system. This same student was later found to be dealing drugs in the back of Barnard School and at New Rochelle High School. The student has since graduated and is no longer in the public school system.

      The lesson from what happened with that other kid from ALMS is that the school district should seek not to readmit students found to be dealing drugs or if they do they must aggressively monitor the student at school and work with police to monitor such activity outside of school.

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