EXCLUSIVE: Carpenter’s Late Night Use of School District Van Questioned

Written By: Robert Cox

57 John Street 2.jpgTalk of the Sound has confirmed that a school district employee has been taking a school district vehicle home and parking it in front of his house at night and on weekends going back as far as 2007, possibly much longer. The employee, Frank Demasi of 57 John Street, works in the carpentry shop in the environmental services department of the City School District of New Rochelle. According to well-placed sources within the school district, employees are not permitted to take school district vehicle homes at night without specific authorization.

Through a combination of old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting and the latest in high-tech image mapping from Google, Talk of the Sound was able to observe the van parked in front of Demasi’s house on numerous occasions, the first instance having been documented by Google using their new Street View service.


According to Wikipedia, Google Maps Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth that provides for many streets in the world 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic views from a row of positions along the street. It was launched on May 25, 2007, and has gradually expanded to include more cities, and in these cities more streets, and also some rural areas.

To get a panoramic view of the van parked in front of Demasi’s residence at 57 John Street Click the arrows in the image below:

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Superintendent Richard Organisciak is the only district employee specifically authorized to take home a district vehicle and make personal use of it when not on school business. One source tells Talk of the Sound that Organisciak returned the car assigned to him sometime around the end of his first year as Superintendent and now uses his own car for which he is reimbursed by the District. Another source says that Organisciak switched cars and is still using a District car.

IMG_0351.jpgSources have told Talk of the Sound that Demasi has parked a green City School District of New Rochelle van in front of his house “for years”. These sources also claim that Mr. Demasi does not own his own vehicle and routinely uses the van for personal use.

Calls to Demasi’s residence and workplace at the City School District of New Rochelle seeking comment were not returned. Emails and phone calls to school officials seeking explanation were likewise not returned.

Talk of the Sound’s investigation over the past several weeks have confirmed that the vehicle is regularly parked in front of 57 John Street late at night. The vehicle has been observed during the day and at night, during the work week and on weekends.

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  1. take home car
    highway boss also 24/7/366 . he does not have a car of his own.

  2. frank demasi took his van
    frank demasi took his van home? lol thats nothing i take the school van to go hunting all the time in fact i shoot my gun right out of the window and when i kill a bamby dear i gut it right inside the van then i have either tony jimmy pat or marino clean it on school hours so why all the fuss about frank god bless america sincerly yours scott impara

    1. Scott,
      I do not think it is


      I do not think it is appropriate to take a school van on a hunting trip but you must have pretty good aim if you can shoot out the window of the van and kill a deer.

      If you are going to gut deers in the school van I think you should clean it up so I don’t have a problem with you have “tony jimmy pat or marino” cleaning it up but I do not think it is something that should be done during school hours. Are these people cleaning out deer guts from school vans AT THE SCHOOL? That sounds a little disgusting and probably unhealthy.

    2. Is this guy for real? Is
      Is this guy for real? Is this a joke? Is he trying to say that the tax payers of New Rochelle are fools??

  3. I live in the neighborhood
    I live in the neighborhood and not only witnessed the van parked there night and day for the past 8 years that i have lived there but also watched as Demasi used the van to load building materials for his house on John street as well as when he fixed up the back of his garage that sits on Bayard street using the same van. I am only sorry I did not take photos. I never thought anyone would listen to my cries.

    Demasi is harming us all by using city property for personal use. He uses gas that WE pay for as taxpayers. What if he were in an accident on our dime or broke the city tools are loaded in the van? What if someone broke into the van and stole the tools and equipment in the truck? Who would pay for that, surely not Mr. Demasi.

    I think he should be responsible for reimbursing the district for gas and wear and tare on the van.

    1. get a life people…
      man,,,talk about no life. I could see if this guy is the town jerk or something, but harming you?? that’s reaching, man!

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