There are NO gangs in New Rochelle (Part 3)

Written By: Robert Cox

IMG_0314.jpgAnother misguided reader sends along these photos purporting to show evidence of gang activity in New Rochelle. These are simply signs between New Roc City and North Avenue which contain notations made by civic minded youths to help pedestrians and motorists safely navigate downtown New Rochelle. New Rochelle residents know that there are NO GANGS in New Rochelle because the leadership of our City and our School District tell us so. So, please stop sending these sorts of photos as they are clearly either fake photos or some sort of attempt to portray and act of civic altruism as an effort by local youths to “stake out” territory in New Rochelle. I think we can all agree that if our Mayor, our Schools Superintendent and our City Manager can agree that there are no gangs in New Rochelle then the matter should be considered settled.





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    1. And? What’s your point?
      And? What’s your point? Yonkers? This is not “Talk of the Hudson”

      1. My point is… Where r these
        My point is… Where r these gangs in New Roc? What
        r the names?

  1. These “tags” ARE NOT gang
    These “tags” ARE NOT gang related. They are a result of “Graffiti Artists”. They are also very old and at least one of these “artists” were prosecuted.

    1. Exactly my point. Well
      Exactly my point. Well said! This is ART not signs of gang activity. There are NO gangs in New Rochelle and those things that look like gang tags are not gang tags.

      I have no way of knowing if they are old or if one of the artists was prosecuted but as far as I know when someone is prosecuted for vandalism part of the sentence is to clean up the vandalism. Also, that area near New Roc is sponsored by the BID. Are you telling us that the BID has ignored vandalism of one of their own projects in the middle of downtown New Rochelle for a long period of time?

      1. As far as the clean up by
        As far as the clean up by the offenders…no, it is not part of the sentence (liability issues). As far as BID, I don’t know what parameters they have as far as cleaning up graffiti. I know they sweep up. The City managers office has a program to clean up any reported graffit within a few days on public AND private property. I guess you can call Mr. Strome’s office for an answer as to why these signs were missed. I know they have done a great job cleaning up other graffiti in a timely manner around town over the last 2 years.

    1. Things move pretty quick
      Things move pretty quick around here. You need to keep up 🙂

      1. “do u even live near here? r
        “do u even live near here? r u constantly walkin in the streets or r u stuffed up in that office of urs. incase u havent noticed, this is a city not an enchanted forest with trolls (aka children) that guard bridges (aka the streets) maybe the princess (aka u) should take a walk outside in the real world which we call New Ro.” quote from a friend

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