Jefferson Elementary School Principal Deceives District With Skewed Test Scores

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According to a reliable school administrator within Jefferson Elementary School, NY State Testing scores are being falsely reported. Cindy Slotkin, the principle at the school, intentionally did not forward tests of children that are known to have low grade averages. This illegal trickery has been going on since she was appointed the position of principle over 5 years ago.

This practice is highly used in under performing schools in order to unfairly mislead the districts residential community into thinking that the school is performing better than it really is. According to this source, Cindy Slotkin is also aware of a large number of students that are attending Jefferson Elementary School who do not reside in any of the New Rochelle Districts.

Do not be misled. Cindy Slotkin isn’t alone in this manipulation. The New Rochelle City School Board along with all the Superintendents are very much aware of these infractions and are just as much to blame as Cindy Slotkin.

I for one would like to see resignation letters drawn up by Cindy Slotkin as well as Richard Organisciak and their termination made effective immediately for this illegal deception to provide false information.

I’m sure that the Mayor’s and City Manager’s hands are involved with this deception as well, but I don’t have a reliable source, at this time, to confirm their involvement.

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  1. Has this issue been raised
    Has this issue been raised within a board meeting? I assume the reliable school administrator wants to remain behind the seen and wont come forward with his/her knowledge on this? I always wondered why Ms. Susan Yom (past asst principal)left Jefferson and was moved to a different position within the HS. She now has direct involvement with recording state testing records. This issue needs to be kept alive and looked into further.

  2. I have heard that in some
    I have heard that in some cases students that live outside of New Rochelle are allowed to go to school in New Rochelle. If a family lived in New Rochelle and became homeless and moved to a shelter in another town, the children would be allowed to go to school in New Rochelle. Their new town would have to pay out-of-district tuition to New Rochelle. And the state provides transportation.

    1. You heard, that if something
      You heard, that if something that rarely happens were to happen then you think that maybe something that does not usually happen might happen and this might then cause the state to do something it generally does not do… and all of this means what?

      Next time your add a comment try to have a point first and THEN add a comment.

  3. have you emailed the board
    have you emailed the board for a response especially in light of prior issues with columbus, trinity and young administration. these are serious allegations especially when the city administration is brought into question as well. i have no idea if any of this is true although I suspect the enrollment numbers are based in fact.

    frankly, i hope you are wrong. if you have anything approaching evidence it goes far beyond a blog entry. it needs to go directly to the nys school chancellor.

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