Open Letter to Mr Demasi’s Defender

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You just don’t get it, do you? I posted that somewhere a village is being deprived( as in village idiot), and you continue to feed the fire by subatantiating all of the claims against Mr D. Does HE know who you are? The more you try to defend him, the closer people are going to look at this. You provide nothing that could explain or defend him. You ” proved” he doesn’t drive after 3:30. Let’s look at this. Home at 3:30, that’s about a half hour per day he’s not at his job. Through the year, that’s about 4,327.00 in salary he’s collecting while not on the job. (based on an average salary of $75,000.00) Gas @10 miles per day @ 10 miles per gallon would be about $720.00 (assuming he ONLY drives to and from work, and you suggest he does more). Insurance- the van is in his possession more than half of the year so let’s call it $1,000.00. This doesn’t take into consideration the lawsuits against the district if he’s involved in an accident while not on school business (could be millions).So far, that’s over $6,000.00 per year (conservatively). So now, because you’ve become so impotent in “defending” Mr D the only path left is to half-assed try to distract people from the issue with the inappropriate use of confidential info. That in itself is probably a felony. Mr Cox is not now, or ever has been the issue. If these facts about Mr D were even remotely untrue, none of these posts would exist. You should come forward and beg forgiveness from Mr D and appologize to Mr Cox for your feebly constructed and ineptly posted attempt at slander. Do this before the people figure out who you are and expose you to total humiliation. I hope you don’t work for the district because that would further prove everything that the district is being accused of is true. Think before you post and don’t be a Dolt!

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  1. The Journal News published
    The Journal News published salary information for public employees in New Rochelle here:

    In 2007, Mr. Demasi earned a salary of $79,208.

    During that same year he was paid $8,309 in overtime.

    He received another $793 in “other pay”.

    All together he hearned $88,128.

    Now Citijofromnewro you can go ahead and do EXACT calculations.

    Of course, we will be curious to learn how Mr. Demasi got that van home every day at 3:30 PM and still managed to rack up over 8 grand in OT.

    1. At that pay scale you jump
      At that pay scale you jump from $4327.00 to $5085.00. give or take. Mr Annonymous, you keep fanning the flames, they’ll figure you out, and Mr D gets shafted thanks to you. You’ve truly done your civic duty. Now, are you withholding information about criminal activity within the higher ups at the board of ed? You say it would be surprising. What do you know? You are protected by whistle blower laws, and by not speaking up you are guilty of conspiracy, at the very least, especially if you work in the system. Call the District Attorney and give yourself up, I’m sure they’ll show you some leniency if you cooperate. (By the way, I couldn’t find anyone’s address’ from the Board of Ed site. )

      1. I have the home addresses of
        I have the home addresses of 7 of the 9 board members. Maybe our troll think those should be published too.

  2. Thank you for this letter.
    Thank you for this letter. You are so right. I also think his salary is about $90,000 a year. I think it was in the journal news not too long ago. And at that salary he can afford to drive his own car.

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