4 thoughts on “New Rochelle’s Davis School Trash Problems”

  1. I would like you to wake up
    I would like you to wake up one morning at 7:00 am and take your video camera to Davis school. You will be amazed by all the residents walking there dogs on school property. The garbages around DAVIS SCHOOL ARE FILLED WITH DOG POOP! The School District had to assign a worker to Davis school just to clean up after the residents who are throwing paper towels and plastic bags everywhere. Also, they dont belong on school property at all. There dogs urinate and deficate on the playgrounds and fields where are children have to play everyday.Please look into this matter and see if there is anything you could do about it..

    1. were is mummbles
      were is mummbles and hes crew are they not sopposed to be cleaning up school grounds?

  2. Or the back of Barnard
    Or the back of Barnard School? I personally pulled out 5 or 6 bags of trash from between the parking lot fence and the tennis courts. And you don’t want to walk in the woods, especially now that the poison ivy is growing, it covers all the trash. But that holds true for most of our “public” lands. I don’t think the Ward Acres woods are much cleaner. Such a shame that such beautiful property is wasted like this.

    And I don’t know what the solution to this either. We can’t afford to send out the clean-up crews out every day. The police could help by issuing tickets for littering, but they probably won’t. I think we need to teach our kids when they are young not to throw trash on ground or litter in any way. One way to teach our kids about this would be to have them actually do the clean-up! Imagine if all the kindergarten kids at Barnard went outside with garbage bags and gloves and cleaned things up, maybe they’d learn to not litter later in life.

  3. That’s nothing have you ever
    That’s nothing have you ever been around Ward School?

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