Has Jeff Hastie Lost His Independence?

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In looking around at the campaign signs scattered about the city, you would think Mr Hastie has decided to ride the coat tails of Ms Polow .I was under the impression that he was a different kind of thinker, willing to improve things if elected. Mr Hastie, you have now become part of the problem, not the solution. You are now seen as Ms Polows “pet”, ready to bark at her command. Everything you now do or say will be considered as suspect, as coming from the latest aperatchik or party hack who is just trying to protect the system the taxpayer has come to distrust. If you and your puppeteer become elected, I can tell you this much, everything she says or does will be held under the microscope, and anything you say or do will be considered to be coming from her mouth. It’s sad, I thought you were different. Welcome to politics.
Polow must go-on the budget vote no.

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  1. Shame on Jeff Hastie. Shame
    Shame on Jeff Hastie. Shame on the board, and shame on the voters if this budget passes. And take those Polow/Hastie signs off of public property. Is Polow violating the laws of our city now? It’not enough to be disrespected by her, now in her arrogant style she flaunts the local laws by littering the public properties with her shameless self promotion. Is that who you want to emulate Jeffrey?

  2. During the candidate forum
    During the candidate forum last Monday a the phrase “Hastie – Polow Ticket” was coined. It was laughed at by both but on Sunday at the bagel shop in the quaker Ridge Shopping Center Ms. Polow and Mr Hastie emerged from the same car to campaign together.

    Showing the kid (Mr Hastie) the ropes Ms Polow is doing. Gonna get him elected. Another supposed independent voice is just part of a machine and believe you me when he is asked to vote on the board he will be reinded of all the help he got.

    You know, it would be nice to to see Hastie win and Polow lose.

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