New Rochelle School Budget – It’s All in How You Spin It.

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I’m glad the district printed up so many leaflets with reasons to vote for the budget. My parrot loves to read fiction. I can understand they ARE trying to sell something, so , put the best spin possible on it. That doesn’t mean it’s true. How many sales pitches are really just stretching the truth or playing word games? Buzzwords like “new and improved” or “free” or “order now and get two for the price of one”. It’s all just hype. Now don’t get me wrong, I want to support Ms Polow in the manner to which she is accustomed to (and now we apparently have the child support for young Jeffrey) but I just haven’t been convinced. I do have a few, ahem, questions about some bulletpoints provided. I read in one that the alternative to approving the budget would be the state contingency. If the first vote fails, and the district chooses to go directly to the state contingency as opposed to a re-vote, that means the DISTRICT chose the state option, not the voter. Right? We have an amazing college acceptance rate of 94 to 95 %. I was wondering, how many of the senior class actually apply for college? How many drop out or barely pass senior year ? They keep touting full day kindergarten, right? What does that have to do with this years budget? The state is all but forcing them to convert, and, paying the bill. We don’t have to start paying for it till next year. That’s free money for us, right? I could go on and expose every bullet point, but none of them really have anything to do with the budget, and I guess that’s my point. If you can’t find enough to say about the actual budget to fit on only one sheet of paper, then maybe somebody else has to take a look at it. Take a look at this for instance. The district has minimized the effect of reduced assessables, however, in anticipation of the flood of applications the New Rochelle City website ( has put the application for filing a greivance online for your convenience. If we are having trouble making ends meet and we apply for a tax reduction we hate the kids, right?
It’s all so clouded with smoke and mirrors, PTA’s have been brainwashed, board members out of control, district coverups, your taxes will be double their projections,more homes are being foreclosed on than ever(, AND we’re paying for their raises while most every other district holds increases in the 1 to 2% range. At no time has the vote on the budget been so important. It doesn’t end May 19th, it affects you all of next year and there’s no going back. When you get the bill and you cringe, remember, in the words of Ms Polow “you voted for it”. Right Jeffrey?
Polow must go- on the budget vote no !
Get out and vote May 19th !!!!!!

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  1. Fellow citizens of New
    Fellow citizens of New Rochelle, please educate yourself! Don’t take the word of the present BOE members who showed up at all the neighborhood association meetings and PTA meetings to tell you lies. I know looking over the school budget is a daunting task and if you are not involved in the schools directly you don’t really know or see what is really going on. So listen to the new candidate, Vince Malfetano, running for school board who looked over the budget and can make you understand what it all means. Even Mr Wagner found so much waste and things that could be changed. For example, the district’s attorney who earns $500,000 a year without coming to any meetings. He does not do a good job with union negotiations so get rid of him and try someone new. Malfetano is a lawyer, a teacher and parent who wants to bring new ideas to the district. Vot no for Polow and No to the budget!

  2. NEW ROCHELLE, get out and
    NEW ROCHELLE, get out and vote NO. We have the power if we all get out to vote. I know many of you feel it’s a waste of time, but if we all vote NO we can win. VOTE NO.

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