New Rochelle Costco, Feeling Heat of Competition From New Pelham BJ Store, Mulls $4M Facelift

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B18E2148-046A-4D9D-940C-66919FB242F5.jpgCouncil Lou Trangucci at the South End Civic League meeting this week stated Costco is getting a lot of competition from the newly opened BJ’s in Pelham.  Costco is considering spending several million dollars to their New Rochelle store.  One department under consideration is the bakery department.

Trangucci noted that competition for Costco is going to impact the City of New Rochelle as declining sales decreases revenue from sales tax. Costco contributes over $1 million a year to city coffers.

Trangucci also stated that the former Linens and Things site has potential for a new store.  Simone is negotiating for that site.

12 thoughts on “New Rochelle Costco, Feeling Heat of Competition From New Pelham BJ Store, Mulls $4M Facelift”

  1. Could it be Da Bronx
    I have a Costco Membership for many years…..
    I also had a BJ Membership a few years back….
    I shop in the Portchester Costco because it is more of a human experience. The people who go to the New Rochelle Store in some cases are animals. Could it be the close proximity to the Bronx.
    Well BJ’s is going to be even closer to the Bronx giving the animals a closer experience thus it won’t be long before BJ’s is the same.
    That is the same problem with New Roc City its proximity to the Bronx brings out a crowd on Friday and Saturday that I prefer not to have to bump into.
    These is not racial this is about acting unclassy in every aspect. When you see a big fat animal hippo parading around Costco bumping into you after a while you look to go elswhere. At least there are choices. Anyone who has ever gone to the BJ’s in College Point Queens on a Sunday afternoon will wonder if they have entered another Country somehow.
    English is not a language at that location. I long for the Costco in Greenwich to open. Hey Skippy please have the valet push my cart.

    1. Where do the liberals shop
      You won’t see ’em in costco. Oh yeah how they LOVE their low class trailer, trash actin’, do whatever you want under the guise of “culturally diverse”, rude, out for themselves in the name of the Ameriscan way garbage. It’s not racial, it’s MY civil rights -to be able to go out in public ,without being assaulted by their brand of filth. You wont see the north enders shopping with them . They love them, but not that much. Set up an INS booth at Costco.

      1. This person is a prehistoric
        This person is a prehistoric wanker. cut it with the anti-immigrant trash. It’s people like you who should be dumped somewhere in the Somalia with no clothes.

      2. Not anti immigrant you boob
        It’s anti illegal. .Big difference, maybe not to you. Where do you shop? Do you feel sorry for them as you drive by on your way to the finer stores? Do you feel for their plight? You’re the one looking down on another human, I’m talking about acceptable behavior, common courtesy, and manners. By the way, where is “the”Somalia? Do they have a costco where I can get some clothes? I would survive a lot longer than you would my friend.

      3. have you ever consider that
        have you ever consider that you are the illegal one here you fascist!

      4. Wow
        You can’t even string a coherent sentence together. Sorry to disappoint you, I am American (7th generation Iriquois) I vote and I feel sorry for you.

  2. A Face Lift Will Not Help Costco
    A face lift will not help Costco. I have membership in both stores but I will drop Costco when it expires. It has become a “dump”. Filthy, overcrowded due to lack of walk space, poor choice of stock, merchandise thrown all over, small isles, just a filthy mess. I dont think they ever clean the place or arrange the shelves. Cashiers are slow and many items are not tagged making checkout even slower. BJ’s is better planned and managed. More stock and variety, wider aisles, curteous personnel on the floor to help, quicker checkout, and best of all a 1% lower tax rate (7.37% as opposed to 8.37% in New Rochelle). It adds up! And BJ’s takes all Major credit cards and accepts manufactures coupons. Try it you’ll like it and never, never, never go back to Costco.

  3. Trangucci is an Idiot…
    If he thinks a “face lift” is going to save Costco. BJ’s is competition. BJ’s is clearly the better place. People save money by shopping at BJ’s because Pelham’s tax percentage 7.375 vs. New Rochelle’s 8.375. It’s New, it’s cleaner and it’s safer. There is always a Pelham Police Officer parked right at the doors at BJ’s. Not only that, but once the other retail shops become occupied and Fairway opens up across the road from BJ’s New Rochelle will suffer even more. Once Again, you can thank New Rochelle City Officials for the horrible conditions New Rochelle has been facing since Tim Idoni was mayor. And now that the City School District is in the crapper as well, thanks to The New Rochelle City School Board, New Rochelle hasn’t seen the bottom yet. Just wait and see.

    1. Trangucci doesn’t run Costco
      How does Mr Trangucci’s reporting on Costco’s problems make him an idiot? He’s got nothing to do with the crappy way things are run in places like costco and the home depot. As long as people are coming in the door, they had no incentive to maintain anything. So now, they have some competition, that’s business. One of the basis tenets of business is that there are basically no “new” customers. When you open a business you have to figure out “why” they will come to your store as opposed to a competitor’s.(unless, of course, you’ve invented something no one else has). Costco will have to figure out how to lure people back. It’s about time they clean up that dump. Can anyone really they enjoy going there?If you want to be mad, be mad at costco for not giving a rats a%$ about the customers experience. Do you propose the city starts “bailing out” businesses that follow a poor business model? Obama’s already doing that and it’s costing us over a TRILLION dollars.

    2. Mr Trangucci didn’t run Costco into the ground
      Have you been to costco lately. Why would you want to. It’s a third world rated facility. If you run your business into the ground and I open a brand new one next door, where do you suppose people will go? That’s NOT Mr Trangucci’s fault. We don’t need any more government run business’. I don’t think Mr Trangucci was invited to be in on Costco’ corporate decision making process. To bad, they could learn from him about running a business.

      1. Where does it state that
        Where does it state that it’s Trangucci’s fault in my post? Read what’s there, not what you think it says. Like many businessmen, New Rochelle is a bad place to open a nice business. All New Rochelle has are dollar stores, nail salons, and subpar restaurants. Tim Idoni distroyed New Rochelle and Bramson is following in his footsteps. It’s going to take an overhaul of City Government to get New Rochelle back to what it once was, but it’s not going to be easy or overnight.

  4. Maybe they should think
    Maybe they should think about giving a face-lift to the employees and more people might shop there.

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