NRPD P.A.C.T. Officer and Councilman Trangucci Address South End Civic League

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The South End Civic League of New Rochelle met Monday June 8 at the YMCA in New Rochelle. Speakers included members of the New Rochelle police force and and City Council member Lou Trangucci.


  • The highest percentage of first responder calls in New Rochelle come from two of the newest developers: the Avalon buildings and New Roc.
  • Thefts are the most common incidents at the public schools reported to the NRPD.
  • Costco may expand to better compete with the newly opened BJ’s in Pelham Manor.
  • Hudson Park has been getting a makeover.
  • Trangucci says LeCount Square Project sales tax revenue per square foot is out of line with mall developers around the county.

When asked about the numerous incidents of crimes in the New Rochelle Public Schools, two P.A.C.T. (Police And Community Together) officers answered that police officers do go into the schools.  Certain limitations apply, such as when a minor is arrested, the name must be whited out if a public request is made for a report of the incident.  No identifying information is given.  According to Detective Rocco Oppedisano common problems in the schools include thefts.  But the police officer’s hands may be tied if the incident is not reported to them and no arrest is made.  P.A.C.T. officer Lou Falcone added that arrests can be made to protect students, as if a student had a gun.  Loitering is not longer a chargeable offense but disorderly conduct or illegal firearms can be addressed by the police.

Councilman Lou Trangucci brought news to this South End Civic League meeting that Costco may expand because of the opening of BJ’s in Pelham.  One department under consideration for expansion is the bakery department.  Costco has always been a big sales tax revenue source.  Simone has been talking to a potential tenant for the Linens and Things site which is now empty.

Elaine Waltz, President of the South End Civic League, explained the new proposal for recycling, leaf collection, and modified garbage, trash and recyclables’ collections.  Instead of collecting garbage twice a week the proposal is to collect it once a week.  The South End Civic League members are in favor of the present schedule of collecting garbage twice a week because they felt once a week will never work in New Rochelle.

The Avalon buildings and New Roc have been resulting in a high percent of the city’s calls to the police and fire departments.  Councilman Trangucci expressed concern over the proposed LeCount Square proposal because the revenue projected for sales tax per square foot is far too optimistic when recent revenue figures per square foot for sales in malls across the country are considered.  Cappelli does not own all the property.  Further, the downtown density bonus permitted by the city would allow six more high rise buildings in downtown.

Councilman Trangucci was complimented for his volunteer work painting the rails at Hudson Park.  The next meeting of the South End Civic League will be on September 14.

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