New Rochelle School District Funds Obsolete Locksmith Positions to the Tune of $153,667

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In a gross misuse of funds, the City School District shells out a whooping $153,667 a year for two positions of locksmith.

Eduard and Werner Graefe (yes you guessed it, they are father and son) both hold the title of “Master Locksmith” (someone define that for me please). Eduard, hired to the position in 1986, rakes in a grand total of $82,000+. Werner (Warner) comes in at just under $72,000.

How can the BOE justify paying these salaries? Years ago changing locks and
things of the like were handled by the carpenters. Would the District not save a large sum of money by having an outside company perform the same duties? And if it’s a Union issue, then why have TWO positions? One person to hold the screw gun while the other pushes??

On another note, I would love to see any paid District expenditures relating to the above positions. Would any of the paid bills perhaps have a Mt. Vernon address?

Eduard Graefe owns a locksmith company in MT. Vernon.

What’s next, the hiring of a glazier?

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  1. well i thought the board was
    well i thought the board was finally getting things straightened out by terminating both the locksmiths-maybe they need one but not two- and then i come to find out that they did hire a glazier- what a waste- just how much glazier work is there in the school district?- is this person qualified or is this just another racial issue- just like so many other issues in the school district-

    1. Yes,this guy is well
      Yes,this guy is well qualified,and the BOE do need a glazier.What the BOE don’t need is that bald eagle that’s in the electrician Dept.

      1. you need to speak proper
        you need to speak proper english- you work for the bd of ed and you don’t even know how to speak properly-boe do need and the boe don’t need- come on

      2. now now tony is that anyway
        now now tony is that anyway to talk about your boss scott

  2. locksmith
    Why in the world would we need a locksmith? And not just one but two!!?? And what do they do all day? We do not need them. If there is a problem we could call one. I just can’t see why we would have them. We have to pay their salaries and benifits. It seem like such a waste. I want to know, who they know to get these kind of jobs. Who made up this job? I bet you don’t see other school systems have TWO locksmiths all full time employees.

  3. Locksmith(s); father & son
    I have always been under the impression that New Ro’s school budget was necessary and proper and have always voted “YES” in every election. This story now makes me believe that I’ve been taken for a sucker. If true, the report now raises the specter of whether our new Supt. of Schools Organisiak is just spinning us or if he truly believes that this locksmith situation should be allowed to continue. You know, fool me once, that’s your mistake. Fool me twice and that’s my mistake.From this point on, I am determined to be a forceful advocate for no longer just rubber stamping the annual school budgets but to advocate for a proper accounting as to how the taxpayers’ money is being spent. I am beginning to smell a rat: that although the NR school system is functioning well, there are too many free-loaders conning that system under the radar,with abusive overtime and other ripoffs.

  4. Locksmith
    What the hell took you guys so long. Forget about the hvac guy or the carp, here lies the biggest crook. Not only does he own a store in Mt vernon but also Jacobs in New Rochelle. The best part is he buys most of his supplies for the district from his stores. They are used for personal jobs and some go right back to the stores.How the district has let this man get away is beyond me. He also is allowed to go to his stores, collect money, then go to the bank and make deposits on school time, how is this possible. And what about all the illegal slot machines he has in his house. What is also all the things he keeps loading into a big Red van he brings to work. Looks like the DA has his hands full now.

  5. thieves
    surely these two jokers do not occupy their work day making keys or changing locks. These jobs are obsolete; they should have been removed in the last round of negotiations, but since the negotiations is much more of a french-kissing session between Marty Daly and Jeff Kehl, they forget that there are important things to discuss. The district will find a way to justify their existence and since many in the community don’t ask and don’t show up at meetings so what.

    1. Did Dad finally join the union?
      For many years Dr. Lock was the only person in the district who was eligible to join to FUSE, but chose not to. Nevertheless, he still had to pay dues. Ask Marty Daly, he knows all about it.

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