New Rochelle Schools Overtime King Driving Brand New Dodge Hemi, Courtesy of New Rochelle Taxpayers

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08495B79-2DF5-4585-8E78-1CA871243473.jpgCan someone fill me in as to why the nice, new, white Dodge Hemi that Jimmy Bonanno is driving around in does not have any BOE insignias on it clearly marking it as a BOE “work” vehicle? Can someone fill me in as to why Jimmy Bonanno is allowed to use this vehicle for personal reasons? Is this a BOE owned/leased vehicle? Is the proper mileage being recorded to differentiate between business/pleasure?Why wouldn’t a less expensive vehicle suffice? Please don’t tell me that this type of vehicle is needed for work reasons. We all know Jimmy Bonanno does nothing! I see him driving around New Rochelle 7days a week in this vehicle. This vehicle is ALWAYS parked at his house. Did he not receive the letter(ha ha)John Gallagher sent out after the Demasi incident forbidding the use of BOE vehicles for personal reasons?
Lets see….$96,000 base pay, + $35,000 in OVERTIME = $131,000 a year AND the use of a $50,000 vehicle. Yes, when I grow up I want a job with the BOE.

CORRECTION: The vehicle was initially reported to be a Hummer worth $70,000; the article has been corrected. The vehicle is a Dodge Hemi worth $50,000.

EDITOR’S NOTE: On April 29th, a Talk of the Sound investigative report revealed that another BOE employee was using another District vehicle as his personal vehicle –
EXCLUSIVE: Carpenter’s Late Night Use of School District Van Questioned

On May 25th, Aman Ali of the Journal News revealed that Bonano was among the
top 3 recipients of overtime pay
, somehow earning the exact same amount of overtime in 2008 and 2007.

In 2007, maintenance worker Vincent Bonanno collected $32,000 in overtime. In 2008, he collected the same amount, boosting his annual salary to $135,123.

Asked to explain the increase in OT (after telling the Journal News the year before the District was seeking to reduce OT), Finance Chief John Quinn blamed OT for maintenance workers and tradesmen on work such as “plowing snow”. That might possibly make sense except that meteorological records for New York show that the average snowfall for New York is about 26 inches a year and that snowfall in 2007 and 2008 has been below average. In fact, except for a freak snowstorm on February 11-12, 2006, annual snowfalls totals have been down for many years (over a period of two days in February 2006, there was a recorded snowfall in central park of 26.9 inches which was one of the heaviest snowfalls on record for New York.)

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  1. whos a theif , and always
    whos a theif , and always will be , not Jimmy, who are they talking about, who is Dibuono?

  2. Deepthroat
    I think u take it in more places then the throat……..Jealousy will get u no where ask the BOE employees…. HATER

    1. Under your skin a little are we ?
      It will be easy to spot you now. You’ll be the one with the bulging neck veins . They’re comming to get you and your little dog to !

      1. Jimmy running for president……
        Jimmy you should be a SUPERSTAR you would have a lot of envy celebs….
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  3. Pathetic DeepThroat
    Wow, I feel like a celebrity! Thanks DeepThroat for the Fame. Remeber the people that love us, love us and the people that hate us, hate us. you’re not changing that and another thing, if you enjoy gossip, stay current. you’re not on top of your game..most of the stuff you talk about was past gossip that seemed fitting at the moment but no one really cares anymore.

    just another BOE employee

    1. thank you
      Im glad I made you feel special..and you should be commended too for not being like the other trolls and denying the story. Thank you for the credibility.

    2. Perfect example of the pathetic clique in the BoE system
      We love to hate you . One by one you’ll be taken apart and the little empire you’ve built . You think you’re digging in to hide, but ask Mr Demasi how it feels . The corrupt ones wil be exposed (Jimmy is next) amd maybe the good ones will be spared. They might fall as collateral damage. Be warned union members , the bad ones are selling you down the river . Like cockroaches running when the light is turned on , you can run but you can’t hide from the roach motel. While you’re looking over the left shoulder for deepthroat , don’t forget to look over the right.

    3. Another Dolt Squad member speaks out
      As usual , the dolt squad speaks out in a blabbering , incoherent way . You guys are amazing . The products of a fine NR BoE education are ya’ ? As far as no one caring , the DA finds it so interesting , they have been taking a closer look at the crimes being reported . So , I suggest you stop playing with the computer , try to stop stealing from the taxpayer , and hit the books to study . That way , when you write your statement for the DA you’ll be able to form a proper sentence and not look as uneducated as you really are .

      1. the only one writing anything for the DA
        will be BOB Cox.. He’s almost worse than bernie madoff

      2. What an amazing analogy ! did you think of it yourself?
        Almost worse than Madoff . Wow ! If that’s the case what do you say about you thieving slugs robbing your own neighbors ,everyday , stealing from the kids in the district , driving your own property values down , once a week one of your scum friends is exposed for stealing, assaulting kids , sexting , all against YOUR neighbors . Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You’ll all be outed just like Daly for the trash you are .

    4. Many people are talking
      This site is creating quite a stir in town. Many people that were unaware of the crimes and corruption are taking notice. I received an email today froma friend that was sent to 466 new rochelle residents telling them about this site. Every story has been 100% spot on and the people in City hall are taking notice and are EXTREMELY worried, as they should be.

      1. sure they are..
        they’re not allowed to even read it anymore. Soon it will be blocked from all city hall and BOE employees. Thus cutting 3/4 of the readers out of this site. If the employees wish to go home and waste their time home when they could be with their families, then by all means they may do so. But honestly, who really a gives a [darn] about what bob cox has to say about anything anyway. It’s all [poppycock] anyway!

      2. To:”sure they are”
        You couldn’t stop reading it if you wanted to(or does someone have to read it to you). You love all of this face it.You’re worried about where the next shoe wil drop . It’s so obvious that the things you don’t care about don’t concern you . THIS concerns you otherwise you wouldn’t be here. I looked up the word “dolt” and it had your picture next to it . See you around the office !

      3. The Supreme Power of The Blog
        The board is running scared ! HA ! So terrified they have to ban it from the office . Isn’t that what they do in communist China , or Iran , North Korea ? You people must be freaking out because Ms Coleman is cutting off your only entertainment for the day . Here’s an idea you probably haven’t thought of – Get back to friggin’ work you slugs and do what you’re being paid to do . You’re so busy chasing Cox , it’s amazing anything gets done . Organisciak is paying you to surf the web , ain’t America grand. Keep watching Cox you dolts , you won’t even see it when it comes at you from within . Jimmy’s going down ,see you in the office !

        What are you talking about U have nothing better to do then to talk about Jimmy what are you his lover????

      1. Dibuono
        Ha! So is everyone else there are the Board of Ed!! They’er all a bunch of thieves!

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        Liz is Jimmy’s OTHER girlfriend-not to be confused with Heidi the NOW girlfriend – or Carol the wife.

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        Excuse me , Liz was never his gf- She was a friend who became obsessed with him, he didnt do anything with her ! I suggest you talk to the horse, if you want to hear it from her mouth…dont talk about things you know nothing about……..gossip can be lethal…..and its not ok, when people have families and children, this is outrageous! grow the f**K up you people are not 16!

  5. Hey There Jealousy!
    Deepthroat, you obviously work for the NR BOE,but come on now, why are you sooo jealous of Jimmy, its kinda strange, are you in love with him…..? Uh oh I sense bitterness as well…..Do you belong to Beckwith Point, I ll bet you do? Get over it, get a hobby, you really know nothing about the man, and what his job truly is…I must say though its rather entertaining, your pretty silly you know that….move on! Go for a jog!

    1. Hellooo jealousy..i mean heidi..err Carol
      Dear Heidi..or Carol…gee I dont know which one you are…but either one I still feel bad for you.
      I dont usually respond to nonsense..but I felt compelled to answer a woman in need. You make a lot of assumptions in your ANONYMOUS post. I love the fact that people wonder if I am woman or man.
      I think perhaps you are looking in the mirror while you type. You just described yourself to a tee in the above post. Anytime you want to go for a jog and let your frustrations out, you let me know. Have a good night sweets.

  6. OverTime King And District Vehicle
    You’re right but New Rochelleans keep voting democrat and this is what we get!!

    1. OT King? no way
      Deputy chief in FD made over 200G’s, and then retired, with full approval of FD management.

      1. Feel free to expand on this…
        …don’t be shy.

        Few people know anything about this so you need to provide details:

        Who are you talking about?

        During what time period was this person accruing so much OT?

        When did this person retire?


      2. 2007-2008
        Deputy was making

        Deputy was making 120g’s at the time. With full approval of Fire boss, he was allowed to double his pension. One of the bosses’ buddies. wink wink nod nod.
        It’s public record.

      3. board of ed trucks
        Why is the board of ed no longer marking their vans? Can it be so that the private companies they hired can use ther vans to do work without us knowing?

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