Interactive Map of Level 3 Sex Offenders in New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

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A few weeks ago, NRPD sent home a “Community Public Safety Notification” to every New Rochelle resident in what Police Commissioner Patrick J. Carroll described as an “unprecedented step” for a municipality the size of New Rochelle, notifying every resident of the Level II and Level III sex offenders who reside within the City of New Rochelle.

NRPD List of Level II and Level III Sex Offenders residing in New Rochelle.

For each Level III sex offender, the NRPD provides a street address which gave me the idea of using this list to demonstrate a related concept I wrote about a few weeks ago, “Crime Mapping”.

Open Letter to City Hall: How About Crime Mapping Software for the New Rochelle Police Department?

In its recently released Annual Report for 2008, the New Rochelle Police Department announced it had completed its transition to a new police management software system which includes a database for tracking calls for service, incidents and crime reports. With such a system in place, the NRPD is now set up to begin sharing near real-time crime data with residents.

In the article back in June I described two well-regard services currently available to NRPD and closed by noting,

These services provide law enforcement agencies with an affordable and easy-to-use Web-based service for managing and controlling the sharing of crime data with the public, in near real-time. Community members can then access their neighborhood crime information for free, empowering them to make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their families, friends, property and the community at large.

The one service costs just $200 a month (not sure about the other) and the City has already paid much, much more to put in computer systems capable of generating the data needed by the mapping services. With 99% of the cost and work already done, a couple grand a year is a relatively small amount of money

Is this sort of data, presented in an easy to read interactive map format, something you would like to see the City adopt?

2 thoughts on “Interactive Map of Level 3 Sex Offenders in New Rochelle”

  1. Is there a specific ‘distance from schools’ requirement?
    I’ve seen this list before and I’ve often wondered how many people realize that their children are walking past a convicted rapist or felon’s home every morning and afternoon on their way to and from school.

    1. Wonder how Mayor Bramson feels
      He has a Level 3 sex offender just a few houses away from his home.

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