List of July 4th Spark the Sound Sponsors and Sponsor Offer Sheet

Written By: Robert Cox

spark firework.jpgTalk of the Sound readers have been raising questions about the party held at Five Islands Park for sponsors of the July 4th Spark the Sound. Some readers have questioned why a public park would have a “private” area during a very public event — the Fourth of July fireworks display in New Rochelle – or otherwise attributed bad motives to the City for having an exclusive event on a public occasion.

I asked the City for more information about this and they provided the following:

Spark the Sound Sponsorship Offer Sheet

spark admiral.tiff

[click image to view entire sponsorship offer sheet]

The event is expensive and to defray the costs it is run as a public-private partnership with sponsors providing funds in exchange for promotional opportunities and exclusive access to a party on July 4th and/or mooring at the New Rochelle marina. Anyone who cares to write a check can be a sponsor so, to that extent, the event is open to anyone willing to financially support the public fireworks display. Rather than grumble about it, you think more people would show appreciation for the companies and organizations that are footing the bill so all of us can have a fireworks display on Independence Day.

This year’s sponsors were:

  • Backyard Pub
  • D. Bertoline and Sons Beverage
  • Cappelli Enterprises, Inc.
  • Casa Calabria Society of New Rochelle
  • Dudley’s Parkview Restaurant
  • ELQ Industries
  • Fireworks by Grucci
  • New Rochelle Police Foundation
  • On the Waterfront Restaurant
  • Sammarco Stone & Supply, Inc.
  • Stantec Consulting, Inc.
  • Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester
  • Sutton Manor Neighborhood Association
  • The Bread Factory
  • The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New York
  • Viva Grande Farm

As the fireworks are shot hundreds of feet into the air and visible from miles around selling sponsorships which allow sponsors and their guests to sit in a reserved area to view the same show as everyone else seems like a pretty good deal for New Rochelle residents. Those who raised concerns about police officers boarding a bus to the park might also want to note that the New Rochelle Police Foundation wrote a check.

For those still grumbling, let me suggest you consider a Commodore Sponsorship. For between $100 and $500 you can sit in the reserved seating along with Bill Zimmerman and Chuck Strome and Noam Bramson. Or you can bring a chair to Hudson Park or Five Islands Park and watch for free like just about everyone else.

One thought on “List of July 4th Spark the Sound Sponsors and Sponsor Offer Sheet”

  1. Just so you know
    Even with the sponsorhips which i am appreciative of the NR budgeted $20,000 for the fireworks display and accosiated costs. There was talk about cutting this or moving the event to July 3 or 5th when there are no holiday pay costs for services. I think they put on a good show and if I was a sponsor I sure hope the City would give me a cold beverage and a chair to watch. I have no problem with that.

    Public/Private partnerships are being worked on right now for City Park and since that is not a one time event we all better keep a watchful eye on what is given to the private entities sucha s Monroe for their money. Trading parkland exclusivity for improvements is a fine line and one that needs more oversite than just the parks commissioner

    Joseph Gripp

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