BREAKING: Car on Train Tracks Behind Avalon One Apartments

Written By: Robert Cox

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We are getting unconfirmed reports that a car went through a barrier and ended up on the train tracks behind the Avalon apartment building at 275 Huguenot Street. No reports yet if anyone was injured. Police are responding to the scene. If anyone is in the area can take a few photos — even on their cell phone camera — or shoot some video please send it along.


UPDATE: We are starting to get in some photos courtesy of Talk of the Sound readers. Obviously this report is now confirmed. Thanks folks. Keep them coming!

UPDATE: We are hearing that the driver of the vehicle is OK. We here the driver was rounding the corner and instead of turning towards the taxi stand the driver continued straight into the fence, the car then dropped about 20 feet down the hill. Looking at the photos of the car on the tracks I am going to say that no one was seriously injured; unless the fence and brush slowed the car as it fell.

UPDATE: Metro-North is reporting that all New Haven Line trains are operating on or close to schedule after earlier wire damage between Larchmont and Harrison. This would appear to be unrelated but these alerts from Metro-North have been inaccurate in the past (as to the exact location of an incident). In either case, the trains are running fine right now. The track where the car fell, I believe that is Track 4, is not often used and if used is often used for Amtrak trains.

UPDATE: Leslie Korngold has details on what happened over at A 72-year old woman was driving on Bridge Street around 1 pm this afternoon when a car struck her coming out of the Chase Bank parking lot. She lost control of the vehicle and crashed through the fence. She suffered minor injuries. She was removed from the vehicle by officers from NRPD and taken to Sound Shore Medical Center. The driver who struck her is a 37-year old man from New Rochelle. No arrests were made but police continue to investigate the incident. The car was removed around 3 pm and Metro North says the area should be clear by rush hour.

Quoted in the LoHud piece is County Legislator Jim Maisano was apparently catching a train down to the City at the time of the incident but knew enough to stick around and get quoted for the article. Go Jim!

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      They are great. I love them because it lets us tell the story through photos.

      I will credit them if they opt for that.

      This is how a good CJ (citizen journalism) site works. Any reader with a cell phone can shoot photos or video and sent it in. Together WE can cover a lot of ground in New Rochelle.

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